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Did you know that freelancers write most articles you find in magazines? Many newsstand magazines have few, if any, full time writers. Almost every topic of interest imaginable has an associated magazine; if you like writing, you can find a magazine just right for you.

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About Freelance Magazine Writing Jobs

Did you know that freelancers write most articles you find in magazines? Many newsstand magazines have few, if any, full time writers. Almost every topic of interest imaginable has an associated magazine; if you like writing, you can find a magazine just right for you.

Magazines pay about $0.75 to $2.00 per word for nationally distributed magazines. Expect about $0.10 to $.35 per word for smaller, local publications.

What s involved in freelance magazine writing?

The magazine market has a large window of opportunity for freelance writers, but you must follow strict guidelines about language, word count, deadlines, etc. If an editor says he wants 800 words and you submit an 850 word article, then expect a rejection letter in the mail.

You ll also need to know how to pitch your skills so you and your submission appeals to editors. Magazine editors will overlook even very talented writers if they fail to market themselves appropriately.

How can I find freelance magazine writing jobs?

The Writer s Market is the #1 source for magazines looking for freelance writers. You can access their listings online or purchase their book at most major bookstores. Check out Writersmarket.com to subscribe.

Listings such as these are indispensable for freelance writers because they give details about submission requirements. Follow them exactly for the best chance of an editor accepting your article for publication.

You can also find several no cost resources on the Internet for writers. FreelanceWriting.com maintains a growing database of magazines seeking writers.

A word of caution: make sure any website you use is current. Submissions sent to the wrong person will tick editors off, even if you got the information from their own website. Avoid this blunder by calling to confirm submission guidelines and contact info.

How do I put together a strong article submission?

The most common way is to submit a query letter, which means letting the magazine editor know who you are and what you d like to submit.

Query letters are usually in writing and include a self addressed, stamped envelope (so you re sure to get a response). A good query letter answers these questions:

1. Why is it critical for this magazine to publish your article?
2. What do you plan to include in your article?
3. What are your qualifications as a writer?

Like the article you intend to write, you should write your query letter in a concise and compelling format. Ask yourself what the editor s needs are. You need to make the editor who reads your query letter as excited about your article as you are.

You also need to outline whether you ll include quotes from experts, photos, etc. Finally, include any relevant clips you have from previous freelance writing gigs. In other words, if you re hoping to write a financial piece, don t send your clips about puppies and dessert recipes.

Proving your writing skills can be difficult if you re just getting started. If a magazine hasn t published you yet, try volunteer writing for community or school magazines. Save everything you have in print – it will get easier and easier to establish your credibility.

Another technique is simply to write the article for which you d like to be paid and submit it to the magazine. It may take awhile to get a response, but this “shotgun” approach can help prove your writing skills without having much experience.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure to follow up in about a month if an editor hasn t replied. Editors appreciate a writer who shows he s serious about working for them.

Magazine solicitation example

Below is an example ad. See if you can spot what the magazine is looking for:

Topix is a magazine for teens devoted to keeping teens off drugs. We are currently accepting article submissions of 450 550 words. Please send submissions to Gloria at (address).

Not much information, right? Wrong! The ad has enough information to develop a great query letter. Here s what we know:

The magazine is for teenagers so your article should use language that appeals to teens.

The magazine s goal is to keep teens off drugs, so think of a topic that is cool for teens and promotes drug free living. Ideas could be coping with peer pressure or drug free fun on the weekend.

You ve got a guideline of 450 550 words, so follow it!

Knowing the magazine s audience and what editors are looking for is important to getting published by a magazine. If you can identify those two critical points, you ll be well on your way to freelancing for magazines.

Brian Scott is a full-time freelance writer with over a decade of experience. He finds many of his paid freelance magazine writing jobs at Online Writing Jobs ( http://www.online-writing-jobs.com ), a free jobboard that lets you search thousands of freelance writing jobs.

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