Are you a Halloweenie? Saint John NB

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If it is, you're not alone- about half of Canadian adults celebrate Halloween, even though it's been dubbed a "kid's" holiday.

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Are you a Halloweenie?

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(NC)-Do monsters make you merry and jack-o-lanterns light your fire? Are you counting the days until October 31st for when you can bust out your Frankenstein costume? Do you take pride in having the spookiest house on the block? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you're a Halloweenie. And you're not alone.

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Decima on behalf of Nestlé Fav*rites, Canadian adults tend to be Halloweenies, people who embrace many of the traditions that are often deemed just for kids.

So, what kinds of skeletons are in Canadian's closets? Did you know that:

• Nearly four in ten Canadians celebrate Halloween at work, and nearly half will attend a Halloween party. Plus, four in ten adults will wear a costume on October 31st.

• Ghosts and goblins may feel most at home in Atlantic Canada, where 89% are set to hand out treats, 65% decorate their homes and 63% carve a pumpkin. That's a bump up from the national average, which shows 78% give away treats, 54% will decorate their homes, and nearly 58% plan to carve a pumpkin.

• Halloween lovers may also find their field of dreams in Manitoba and Saskatchewan - where 88% are set to hand out treats to kids - ten percentage points higher than the national average.

• The call of Halloween treats in the home can often be a tempting one. When asked whether they dipped into their Halloween candy before October 31st, 66% of Canadians agreed that they succumb to the sweet lure.

Halloween is just around the corner Canada. Make sure that when choosing pumpkins you to pick the plumpest one of the patch. And when deciding on what treats to hand out, consider providing Halloween treats that are safe for children who have peanut allergies. Look for products that are made in a peanut-free facility, such as Nestlé Fav*rites; snack-size Aero, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat and Smarties bars.

- News Canada