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When patients are first diagnosed with arthritis, many are confused about how it will change their daily lives. Don't let it confuse you-- take these suggestions to keep arthritis pain under control.

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Arthritis Treatments

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(NC)-When patients are first diagnosed with arthritis, many are confused about how it will change their daily lives. They face common questions like - what is arthritis?; how will it impact me?; and what can I do to manage it?

According to a new Leger Marketing survey, over one third of Canadians with arthritis say that when diagnosed, they were confused about what they could do to reduce the pain and prevent it from getting worse in the future.

"Good communication between patient and healthcare professional is key," says Dr. Carter Thorne, rheumatologist. "When patients find out they have arthritis, it is important they understand what the condition involves and how to manage it."

Depending on the type and severity of a person's arthritis, simple tasks like cleaning the house or opening a jar can be difficult. In order to reduce pain and improve mobility, Canadians with arthritis should do regular, low-impact exercises, take pain medications consistently, eat healthy, and lose weight.

"By making basic lifestyle changes and taking effective pain medications, arthritis patients can greatly improve their quality of life," says Dr. Thorne. "I recommend patients first try a pain reliever with acetaminophen, like Tylenol Arthritis Pain, because it has a proven safety record and it works to manage arthritis pain."

More information is now available online in The Arthritis Society's new Just Diagnosed Toolkit. The toolkit is can be downloaded at and For further suggestions on managing your arthritis pain, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

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