Ask the Expert: Beauty Corner with Dr. James Daniel, Carling Laser Clinic, Ottawa Iqaluit NU

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Ask the Expert: Beauty Corner with Dr. James Daniel, Carling Laser Clinic, Ottawa

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Question: Dear Dr. Daniel,

I am an attractive and healthy middle-aged woman, but everyone says I look tired and angry all the time. I've noticed two pronounced lines framing my mouth and two defined wrinkles between my eyes, in the middle of my forehead. My lips are also much thinner and my cheeks look slightly sunken. I'm NOT interested in surgery or a face lift, but how can I soften these lines and plump up my skin so I don't look so tired?

Thanks, Jill

Answer: Dear Jill,

Many women get similar lines in the areas you mention which can make them look like they are frowning or tired all the time. In fact, a recent survey showed that on average, there is a 17 year gap between how Canadian women aged 30 to 60 feel on the inside compared to how they think they look on the outside. Most women also said that if they were to consider a cosmetic treatment, the most important outcome for them would be natural-looking and radiant results.

A first step towards achieving a more refreshed appearance is asking your aesthetic physician about facial rejuvenation treatments. Your physician may recommend Botox Cosmetic to smooth out certain wrinkles and a soft tissue injectable filler product to restore lost volume and enhance facial contours. These types of simple non-invasive procedures are an option for individuals seeking an alternative to surgery. Botox Cosmetic is typically used for upper face wrinkles such as those found on the forehead and around the eyes ("crow's feet"). Botox Cosmetic can target these frown muscles, gradually relaxing them and smoothing out the skin in the treated areas. The lines around your mouth can be treated with a filler product, such as Juvéderm; which can also help plump up your thinning lips and sunken cheeks. A facial filler is made with hyaluronic acid and works by replacing the natural volume your skin loses with aging, while plumping out thin areas and softening fine lines. Both treatments can offer natural-looking and long-lasting results - leaving you looking more refreshed and youthful. Most individuals generally do not require any recovery time and will gradually start to see results soon after.

Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is essential to seek consultation with an appropriately trained physician who firstly will determine if you are a good candidate for such procedures, and secondly, inform you of all the potential risks, benefits, alternatives and potential complications of such procedures.