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Building Decisions A healthy home contributes to a healthy environment

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By J.C. Carroll

(NC)-Going "green" is not just a contribution to the rosy future of our planet. By leading an overall responsible lifestyle you stand to reap health benefits too - especially if it starts in the home.

If your house, for example, is built with the traditional and wasteful wood-framing method, mould growth is a risk due to the accumulation of natural moisture.

The alternative is concrete for walls, ceilings and floors. In fact, one of the more eco-conscious Canadian companies, Nudura Corporation, has developed an advanced system of interlocking concrete units to deliver countless economical and environmental benefits. The Lego-like concrete forms create an easy-to-assemble, energy efficient envelope providing double the insulation, as well as significant benefits to the occupants' health.

Todd Blyth, a Nudura spokesperson says, "Research has shown that our concrete building system does not propagate mould growth even under laboratory conditions that are designed to generate the most problematic conditions. Unlike stick built homes, our building method of stay in place forms filled with concrete, creates a reinforced monolithic concrete wall that does not use wood studding and virtually eliminates any gaps where mould could potentially develop."

Less Impact, More Value

During construction, the main objective is to build a home that is safe, attractive and comfortable. This priority list usually includes energy efficiency and on the increase now is environmental responsibility.

"Green choices are also top-of-mind for homeowners as they start to build," Blyth explained. "People are asking about the use of sustainable materials and are very interested in building methods that deliver energy efficiency without impacting the environment. Concrete is the answer every time."

And, pre-assembled units make houses easier and quicker to construct, says Blyth. Future maintenance costs will be lower due to the resulting durability and energy efficiency - and current research data shows that buildings with this concrete innovation are up to nine times stronger, provide far more fire protection, far more sound insulation and can produce energy savings of up to 70 percent. More information is available online at