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If a person has a CCNA certification, it means that he has the necessary skills that networking professionals use in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting routed and switched computer networks and systems.

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Certified Network Associate Certification

If a person has a CCNA certification, it means that he has the necessary skills that networking professionals use in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting routed and switched computer networks and systems. They are also capable of implementing and managing connections to remote sites using the WAN. Moreover, they are equipped with basic knowledge on network security issues, wireless computer networking, and other performance based computer skills.

What is a CCNA certification?

CCNA stands for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. It is the entry level certification of Cisco. Such is a pre requisite for the other higher levels of Cisco certifications.

Basically the CCNA certification is the first step towards the series of Cisco IT certifications. It is best suited for IT help desk engineers, field technicians, computer networkers, and other IT professionals involved in managing the processes of computer networks.

What is the next step after getting a CCNA certification?

After an IT professional has gained the CCNA certification, he can then move forward and acquire the other Cisco Certifications. These include the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification which is designed for network administrators and network technicians; and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certification which is tailor made for senior network administrators and high level positions.

What are the topics that are included in the CCNA certification exam?

An individual aspiring for a CCNA certification should be knowledgeable with the basic history of networking. He should also be able to identify and utilize the OSI reference model and the basic principles used in network designs. Also, he should be able to construct and design both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). Knowledge on Ethernet and VLANs is also necessary as well as skills in IP addressing, and knowledge on TCP/IP protocols (ARP, RARP, BOOTP, and ICMP).

Moreover, the aspiring candidate should be proficient with routers and routing protocols, bridges, and switches. He should also be an expert with the Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) and lastly, he should have prime knowledge on computer network management and security.

What other things should an aspiring CCNA know?

There are no pre requisite tests for getting CCNA. Generally, the exam for the CCNA certification will last for two hours as it is only comprised of seventy eight questions.

In order to pass the exam, the aspiring candidate should be able to answer at least sixty three questions correctly. Also, before any individual can take the certification exam, he is required to pay an average of a hundred dollars as exam fee. Once the aspiring candidate pass, the results will be valid for three years. However, an official recertification exam should be taken at the end of the validity period.

How can one be prepared for a CCNA certification exam?

The aspiring individual should be able to get hands on experience with computer systems, as well as formal IT trainings. In addition to that, an individual can opt to find an official Cisco Learning Partner. Such organizations will offer aspiring candidates with live preparation courses and materials.

If an IT professional cannot avail of actual training courses, he can study for the CCNA certification exam using books and online sources. Aside from step by step tutorials and lectures, an aspiring candidate can access comprehensive practice exams for the CCNA certification. In doing so, he can assess his present knowledge and capability to be CCNA certified.

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