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The following contains environmental information you should know about clean water filtration. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in environmental care and safety in Saint John.

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Clean water, clean environment, easy choice

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By Mark van Tol

(NC)-Water is critical to life on Earth and our own health. It helps transport nutrients in our bodies, regulates body temperature and keeps our organs, tissues and cells healthy, not to mention, helping to flush the body of toxins.

With such an important role in maintaining our body's systems and functions, it's clearly important to keep ourselves well hydrated with fresh clean water, especially during the summer months. Many Canadians look to bottled water to achieve this, and it is becoming a big strain on the environment. An estimated 88 per cent of all those plastic water bottles never make it to the recycling facility, and end up in landfills.

Clean water is important for everyone, but there are better ways of getting it than buying bottle after bottle of water. One option that many environmentally conscious Canadians are looking at is filtration systems. There are many different types on the market, from custom built-in systems that clean water before it comes out of the tap, to water filtration pitchers that go in your fridge.

A water filtration pitcher is the most cost effective, and you do not have to worry about installing new appliances or hardware. However, until now, the pitcher has not been as effective in removing contaminants as the built-in systems.

"The Clear2O Home Water Filtration system features the same solid carbon block filter that built in systems use, and is capable of removing 53 contaminants," said Connie Duque, brand manager at Applica Consumer Products. "That's five times more than other pitchers on the market."

One common concern with all filtration systems is knowing when to replace the filter. Several companies have designed filters with indicators that show when they need replacement - a handy option to ensure you always have fresh water.

By using water filtration systems, Canadians can have clean, great tasting water while doing our part to protect our environment. Stop throwing away plastic bottles and your money. Instead, invest in a filtration system and enjoy clean fresh water all year long.