Common dorm room space problems solved Iqaluit NU

For many first time students, moving into a dorm room is their first opportunity to express their individual décor and style. However, the space cons ...

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Common dorm room space problems solved

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(NC)-For many first time students, moving into a dorm room is their first opportunity to express their individual décor and style. However, the space constraints of student living can often make it difficult to incorporate these personal touches all while staying organized. With many of the storage options available today, organization products can be effective, stylish and work to make small-space living easier. The storage and organization team at Canadian Tire offers solutions for common dorm room organization challenges:

Problem - Small amount of closet and shelving space for clothes and shoes

Solution - An under the bed organizer can help easily tuck away items, such as out of season clothing, like sweaters and jackets in addition to bulky blankets and towels. Consider adding storage solutions like a hanging shoe organizer that will not only free-up floor space, but will also allow you to clearly see your shoes. This organizer can also double as storage for accessories like baseball hats, purses, belts and much more.

Problem - Clutter in the dorm room such as textbooks, laundry hamper

Solution - Recent trends towards attractive wicker baskets, patterned boxes and other containers allow you to store things like textbooks and notebooks out in the open where they are easily accessible. A pop-up laundry hamper is a great space saving idea, as you can collapse the unit for easy storage when it's not in use. Also look for small furniture with built in storage for your dorm room, which will help you to maximize space. Incorporating dual-purpose items like a small ottoman can serve as a place to put your feet up or an extra seat for friends without the added clutter.

Problem - Standard dorm room- issued desk does not offer enough space for computer, notebooks and supplies

Solution - Use the desk space you do have wisely by investing in containers for your pens and pencils (even an unused mug can serve for this purpose.) Look for bookends to house textbooks or binders to keep them within easy reach and to add more surface space for your computer. As an alternative, ready-to-assemble desks are perfect for students who are moving away. Look for the deluxe media desk at your local Canadian Tire store which features built-in USB hubs and power outlets that help to prevent cords from getting tangled.