Computer Hardware Saint John NB

Here you will find information on computer hardware components and peripherals. From monitors to printers to trackballs, this section provides everything you need to know about computer hardware.

A virtual office-that's going to work Saint John NB

What's an office? A cubicle or small enclosed room on the umpteenth floor of a downtown high-rise, right? Not necessarily. More and more rat-racers a ...

Home networking 101 Saint John NB

Canada is a wired nation. In 1998 one in three Canadian households owned a computer. Flash forward ten years and that figure has more than doubled wi ...

Protect and save your memories Saint John NB

The year is 1981. People record television shows like Three's Company or Dukes of Hazzard on VHS, having finally tossed away that old BetaMax machine ...

The Powis Parker P21x Foilfast Printer Saint John NB

The Powis Parker P21x Foilfast printer is designed to work with virtually any graphics program that you might use on a Mac or a PC. The printer automatically interprets the colors used in your artwork and converts them to one of the seven available colors of foil. Medium grays are interpreted as silver, and light grays are interpreted as white.

Troubleshooting the Powis Parker Fastback 9 Saint John NB

One of the great things about the Powis Parker Fastback 9 binding machine is that if there is a problem, it provides you with an error message to help you figure out what is wrong. This article is designed to list the most common error messages, possible causes and potential solutions. Using this article you should be able to do some basic troubleshooting of your machine.