Computer Repair Jobs Market Halifax NS

The primary area of confusion for the new computer repair business owner is marketing your services. Obviously business cards to hand out with contact information and type of services you plan to offer is the cheapest and quickest way to start.

Kenneth Murphy & Associates
(902) 425-4495
5112 Prince St
Halifax, NS

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The Caldwell Partners
(902) 429-5909
Box 247
Halifax, NS

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Gerald Walsh & Company
(902) 421-1676
Box 2166
Halifax, NS

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Gosine Sulley & Associates
(902) 492-1053
30 Frazee Ave
Dartmouth, NS

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Deborah King
(902) 453-1477
6569 Berlin St
Halifax, NS

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Robertson Surrette Ltd
(902) 424-1330
PO Box 2166
Halifax, NS

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Peapell & Associates
(902) 421-1523
5251 Duke St
Halifax, NS
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Sales, Management

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Novafex Software Limited
(902) 492-9206
6009 Quinpool Rd
Halifax, NS

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People Placers Personnel Agency
(902) 468-5552
800 Windmill Rd
Dartmouth, NS

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Advantage Personnel
(902) 468-5624
75 Arkerley Blvd
Darmouth, NS

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Computer Repair Jobs Market

Computer repair jobs in large companies are one of the first areas that the pencil pushers attack when the economy goes south. It’s an easy slow moving target that is pure cost, with no direct line to profits.

New projects, software and hardware upgrades, and ongoing service take a back seat to sales and marketing efforts. This is never a good thing for both the users, who don’t get the support they need, and the computer technicians who need a job.

Most IT departments represent a big cost. And the payroll is usually well above many of the other business units. To find and keep good technicians, you have to pay a good price. Which is good during an economic boom but when money gets tight, it’s one of the first targets of opportunity for cutbacks.

A downturn in the economy is a good time to take the entrepreneurial spirit out of the closet and put it to work for enterprising computer technicians. A good computer technician can make a decent living doing onsite computer repair and service.

Most small companies have no IT staff and need to use a freelance computer repair guy or gal to do the miscellaneous software and hardware chores. Companies that have just enough employees, say over 7 but fewer than 20, are a perfect market for the independent computer repair and service entrepreneur.

Many don’t realize it but small companies make up the bulk of employees in our economy. The number of small businesses is huge and it’s a large and lucrative market for many service companies of all types. Since many companies rely on computers and software to run their business, it’s a top priority.

The biggest problem for the transition to freelance computer repair is finding the clients and running the basic business aspects. Most technicians are already technically qualified but lack basic marketing and day to day operational skills for running a computer repair business.

After 30 years in the business I can tell you that it’s not brain surgery but there are a few tricks to making it work. The number one thing to keep in mind at all times is that you are in a service business. That means you make sure the customer is satisfied.

You also have to adhere to any local laws and licensing. All you really need to get started is a DBA (go to your local county offices and register a business name for doing business as), a bank account that recognizes the DBA (for paying bills and making deposits). Most states require that you collect sales tax so the next task is to apply for a sales tax permit.

Most states allow you to do this online and you can do a search for sales tax permit and state name to find the website. It will have all the basic rules and information you will need to register and get your permit. By the way, do not fail to file your sales tax reports or you will be fined in most states, even if you had no activity.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you do all the basic accounting for tax purposes is to buy one of the several small business accounting packages. They take you step by step through the setup and can teach you a lot about what transactions need to be tracked and why. You can also look for a local accountant that deals with small businesses in your area that can help you get started.

One of the first questions I get asked by potential clients or even people who are thinking about doing computer repair is what do I charge. This is dependent on a couple of things. One is the market area, large metro areas like Los Angles or Houston mean higher hourly rates. Small rural areas will have lower rates.

Scope of work and client have a bearing on your compensation. If you deal with high end services and difficult technical issues, you can command a higher rate. If you are setting up a 3 user home network, probably a lesser rate.

The whole compensation side is dictated by competition, market area and size, and often complexity of the service. So just call around and see what the going rates are and charge accordingly. Always remember you can go down with little resistance but going up is a much tougher scenario.

The primary area of confusion for the new computer repair business owner is marketing your services. Obviously business cards to hand out with contact information and type of services you plan to offer is the cheapest and quickest way to start.

Handing out flyers with more detailed information, talking to friends and business associates, advertising in local papers or publications are all good marketing techniques. But one often overlooked marketing method is recommendations by satisfied customers.

Good people skills are a must. You want every client to be happy when you leave and recommend you to others. This means that you need to communicate well with any and all levels of users.

Never talk down to an inexperienced user, be careful to explain any issues in plain English and don’t go computerese on them. Keep it simple and easy to understand.Many of the most common repairs are working with the users, not hardware or software problems.

When you have your own business, time management is critical. Don’t under estimate what it will take when giving quotes. In the field anything can happen and it’s better to be a hero and finish early than to have to explain why it took longer.

So if you find yourself a victim of our slowing economy, have some computer skills, you do have the option of starting your own computer repair business. There will always be a need for computer repair services, as long as there are computers.

If you want to learn more about starting a computer repair business, check out the links below in our signature. The more you know the better decision you can make.

John Dow has been in the Computer Repair Business for over 30 years. You can learn more about starting a computer repair business here:

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