Contacting Leads As A Private Note Finder Windsor ON

As a finder starting out in the note business in Windsor, you must realize that knowing every minute detail of the note industry is not what makes you an expert. It is virtually impossible to have every definitive fact on a topic that is constantly changing.

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Contacting Leads As A Private Note Finder

Even the most engaging public speaker can use some fine tuning every once in a while. This is especially true if you are embarking on a career in a new field as most new note finders are. The idea of clearly and confidently explaining what it is you do, let alone commanding a conversation with a note holder to gather their note details, may leave you pondering the ‘what ifs’ the conversation holds: “What if the note holder doesn t even know what a note is?”, “What if they aren t interested in selling now?”, “What if they ask me something I don t know the answer to?” If you get caught up in these possible scenarios you are certain to short circuit your potential for growth and success in the private cash flow business.

As a finder starting out in the note business, you must realize that knowing every minute detail of the note industry is not what makes you an expert. It is virtually impossible to have every definitive fact on a topic that is constantly changing. Those that are “experts” in this business are successful because they know the fundamental information and some of the more obscure issues. They have the experience to professionally and confidently find note holders and buyers who are in need of each other, and know how to execute their role in a note deal.

Most importantly, a finder should always be prepared. If you contact a lead you must have a concrete idea of what you need to say, and what information you need from them. This will prevent you from forgetting to gather important details, and having to make repeat calls for “one more thing”. Try to anticipate some of the questions or concerns a note holder may have and develop some responses that will help you not only address their concerns but also get the conversation moving in the direction you want it to. Write down your questions and responses and keep them on hand when you contact the note holder. Though you don t want to sound like you are reading, having your cheat sheet handy can provide you with a safety net in case you get stuck. Practice your note holder interview with family, friends, or colleagues and invite them to give you feedback. Take advantage of the opportunity to make adjustments to your script.

Successful note finders have a solid understanding of how to gather additional information they may need – and know how to handle themselves if they are stumped while on a business call. The simplest method for dealing with those sweat inducing experiences is to use the opportunity to establish your authority. Acknowledge it if you don t know the answer (“That s an excellent question, and one I have to do a little research on.”) and then do the work required to find the answer and follow up with the note holder (“I will get back with you in a few days to get you that additional information.”). The key here is make sure you do the research and the follow up. The note holder is more likely to remember your follow through and professional attitude than that you didn t know the answer to one of their questions. It s also likely you will never forget the answer to that question again!

The only thing left at that point is to jump in and contact your note holder lead. Keep in mind that however practiced you are prior to that first contact you may still have some uneasiness – and that s okay. Practice and study are fantastic tools for helping us prepare, but experience is the key to turning knowledge into skill.

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