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Ask any business in Toronto and they will tell you that it is vital to make a good impression on any client when they come to visit their offices, especially if it is a very important customer and the potential business is of high value.

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Corporate Art Enhances First Impressions

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Using Corporate Art To Improve That First Impression

Author: Graham Baylis

Getting that First Impression Right

Ask any business and they will tell you that it is vital to make a good impression on any client when they come to visit their offices, especially if it is a very important customer and the potential business is of high value. To reach this goal, many businesses place their HQ's in impressive areas of the capitals of the world, London being no exception.

A Top Post Code is Not Enough

However, a 'posh' address is by itself of no use if the offices themselves do not impress, thus the exterior of the buildings are often made to look that bit special whilst the reception area is fitted out to impress in a big way. The receptionists, male or female will be chosen with care and specially trained in the art of making any visitor feel at home and tea and coffee etc, perhaps served in top class china or glass will also be available

Corporate Art is the Answer

But there is more to making a room welcoming than just coffee and a lick of paint, no, to make a room really special and to 'say' something about a business, the right office wall art can make all the difference. Corporate art is therefore an area of growing importance. Some companies choose to invest in works of art (these often being seen to be being a better investment than shares at some times), but others choose to have photographs or other graphic artwork on their walls.

Photographic Artwork

Photographic artwork can be truly impressive, pictures of a cityscape being especially popular in offices these days. Coming up with the right image is not always easy however, and that is where the experts come in, expertise being required to select the right image, to alter it and to add any graphics needed, and one to print and install it in just the right way.

Show Off Your Past Successes in Style

One way of using Corporate Art in an effective way is to use photographs of past successes. These could include past installations of the equipment supplied by the company, or pictures of the business receiving awards for services rendered. Shots from TV adverts are too often seen, plus photographs of any celebrities that have been involved in sponsoring the business in the past.

But How Much Wall Do You Cover?

Just how big you make your corporate wall art is a question often asked, do you cover the entire walls of the office or just use 'normal' sized photographs. In all cases the size of the wall art will be decided by just how big an impression you want to make, plus of course the subject matter of the photographs being used. Cityscapes are for example being quite capable of covering an entire wall, whilst pictures of an installation of electrical generator are best perhaps best made smaller.

To Frame or Not to Frame

The framing of any photograph, oil painting, or graphic artwork is of course a vital part of showing off the image in question to it's best. Again expert advice is needed, and in some cases you will be advised not to use a frame at all, frameless artwork being very popular these days.

So when choosing the artwork for your office or HQ, think what message you want to put across to your visitors and then have a chat with the experts, you'll be amazed at what they can come up with and the difference it will make to your business.

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