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These wardrobes are used in enhancing one's character so that it can help indicate the relative importance of various characters. It is also essential to the visual elements that can give a more realistic style for the viewers.

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Costume Designs

Costume designs are made so as to promote the characters, especially in movies, shows, and parties among others. There are factors considered when designing costumes.

Through the ideas of the director or the designer, costumes are dependent on their respective motives and ideas. Costume designs are highly appreciated for the appearance of characters, whether in the cinema, theater musical shows, and parties among others.

This involves designing and choosing the right clothes, proper footwear and suitable masks, promoting many different styles. This can make the viewer see the character’s personality according to its costume design.

Additional considerations are also needed. This would include the durability and wash ability of these garments, particularly in extended runs. A costume design is also an enjoyable work for the television, film and production industries.

Designers make and coordinate their designs according to the chosen style. Then, they manufacture and purchase it. Costumes are of different types depending on the purpose. Costumes also include the following accessories:

• Hats
• Wigs
• Masks
• Shoes
• And Jewelry

These wardrobes are used in enhancing one’s character so that it can help indicate the relative importance of various characters. It is also essential to the visual elements that can give a more realistic style for the viewers. This is due to the imaginative decoration which has helped identify and reinforce the characters. This also makes the presentation more lively and appealing. It also gives the viewers some information that may not appear or may not be clear in such scenes.

There are many factors to consider when designing costumes and some of these are listed below.

Creative concepts, the director, the lighting and the scenic set designers are the people responsible in establishing the appearance and feelings within the production design. This helps the characters portray their role via the clothing they have (setting, status, age, time period, etc.).

For fashion and costumes, they collectively constitute a minor art that depict the people or the culture present. Currently, there are many modern types of costumes used not only in theaters but also in different traditions and festivals. It is also used in some fashion shows and parties, categorizing the different motives used for the outfit which is in the form of entertainment.

For the appreciation of the designs, many awards and special mentions are being given to such designers so as to recognize their work. Although not all these designers are given the chance to showcase their work, dedication and experience should also be apparent in their work. There should also be a representation of their creativity, style, and skills, along with talent, research and imagination. This is particularly for the designer who created this mood and aura.

In ancient times, people possessed artistic designs based on their traditions and climate. Others depend on the class they belong to. Having accessories also gives more attitude to the costume being worn. It can also answer why other people base their accessories on luck and charms. Hence, with these costumes, other people will be able to recognize the type or kind of person they are.

In wearing costumes, it should always be comfortable and suitable, not just artistic in design and possessing a very wide concept. You need to coordinate and know how to portray the costume that is about to be used.

The trend should not be a big factor because the costume can have its own design. Aside from this, it does not need to follow the trend. The famous Oscar awards even gave credit to the best costume designers. This is an award initially given since the year 1949.

In fact, an example is the movie,” Joan of Arc” which got such an award. Dorothy Jeakins and Barbara Karinska were the first ones to get this award, in the category “Best Costume Design”.

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