Developing Business Venues Saint-Jérôme QC

It is just as important for a small business in Saint-Jérôme to reach a target set of customers with a distinct voice as it is for a large organization. Using an IMC plan to move forward makes this possible.

Les Etals
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140, Rue Belanger
Saint-Jerome, QC
Marché Métro Elite St-Jérôme Inc
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430, boulevard Monseigneur-Dubois
Saint-Jerome, QC
Cyr Jean Paul
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615, Rue Moreau
Saint-Jerome, QC
Bélanger Bronsard Marketing
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129, Rue De Martigny Ouest
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1450 Bd Jutras O
Victoriaville, QC
Dépanneur A D L
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50, boulevard Des Hauteurs
Saint-Jerome, QC
Dépanneur Jéromien Enr (Le)
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683B, Rue Saint-Georges
Saint-Jerome, QC
Délices & Fringales
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340, Rue Ouimet
Saint-Jerome, QC
Métro Famille Thibeault
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633, boulevard Des Laurentides
Saint-Jerome, QC
Ang New Angles Inc
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135 Rue Montevista
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC

Developing Business Venues

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Help Potential Customers To Reach Your Company

Author: Mona Abdulla

Likewise, one of the main aspects small businesses should develop is the venues by which consumers can contact the company. These include:

- Networking

- Websites

Phone numbers, Internet addresses and mail addresses should be prominently featured in all marketing communications when a new business opens. Customers must know how to reach and find the company in order to make purchases. When a customer visits a retail store, it is vitally important to maintain the same prompt, courteous and sincere service.

Networking provides the opportunity to meet other business people, create leads and personally promote a new company. Networking also offers an avenue for feedback from customers as well as other business people. Relationships can be formed in many ways.

Quality networks offer the possibilities of word of mouth endorsements and referrals. They can lead to not only more customers but also quality employees. Business-to-Business sales of anything from flowers to food to computer repair and consulting services can greatly increase company revenues.

Businesses that use the Internet or are involved in e-commerce should select a Website address that is easy to remember and related to the business. For instance, The Pasta House Co. has the Website address . The goal is to make it easy for customers to find and communicate with the company. A quality Website is easy to navigate and provides pertinent information. It should be an easy method for making purchases. An e-mail feedback option is vital. It is important to monitor e-mails and respond to them quickly.

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