Eco Friendly Wood Homes Charlottetown PE

Mountain Creations Log Homes uses energy efficient Northern White Cedar, lasting over 100 years and helping to lower the impact on the environment.

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Eco Friendly Wood Homes

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Author: Abby Reid

As the old saying goes, "for 200 years we've been conquering Nature. Now we're beating it to death". Everyone needs to jump on the Eco-friendly band wagon these days. There are lot of options for being eco-friendly from using solar power and recyclable material to building eco-friendly housing. Log homes are the best choice available for building eco friendly homes today. From planning and construction to living in the Eco friendly wood homes, every activity has little or no negative impact on the environment. Though the Eco friendly wood homes are offered by various companies, not all of them are equal. You should know some factors about the Eco friendly wood homes before choosing the one for you.

Eco friendly wood homes made from Northern White Cedar are better than others

Eco friendly wood homes are made of different types of wood. Most of the eco friendly wood homes are made using the "Dry Dead Standing trees". As the name indicates, this type of wood used in constructing the log homes will be of very poor quality. Though many log home manufacturers claim using the "Dry Dead Standing trees" as the cheapest and best option, this is simply untrue. The true fact is that though the log homes made from "Dry Dead Standing trees" needs low initial investments, the maintenance cost of these log homes will be very high. Getting log home constructed using the "Dry Dead Standing trees" will end up in a lifetime of repairs and maintenance.

When it comes to the best wood for constructing the log homes, the Northern White Cedar are the ones to look for. There are countless numbers of benefits in using Northern White Cedar in the construction of the log homes. One of the main advantages of this type of wood is it's unsurpassed durability. The Northern White Cedar can retain its good appearance and toughness for more than 100 years. The maintenance cost of the log homes constructed with Northern White Cedar will be much less when compared to the other types of log homes.

Northern White Cedar log homes are better than White Pine Log Homes

White pine is also widely used in the construction of log homes. Though white pine log homes are better than the ones constructed from "Dry Dead Standing trees", they too have some drawbacks. White pine logs do not have the capacity to resist insects and rot. This means the log homes made from white pine needs some special treatment to prevent insects entering the house. You don’t have to worry about insects and rot if you are living in a log home constructed with Northern White Cedar. Researches revealed that Northern White Cedar is imbued with natural resins that repel insects and resist rot and degredation.

Considering all these benefits, the Northern White Cedar log-homes are the best eco-friendly homes available in this planet.

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The Author of this article knows the benefits of living log homes. After experiencing the benefits of log homes (say) energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and low maintenance, Abby explains the benefits of living in Eco friendly wood homes to the World. When it comes to buying log homes, Abby recommends Mountain Creations.

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