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With oil, gas and electricity costs on the rise, you may be wondering how you can save some money around the house.

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Energy Efficient Insulation

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(NC)-With oil, gas and electricity costs on the rise you may be wondering how you can save some money around the house. An easy way Canadian families can reduce their heating and cooling costs and help decrease greenhouse gas emissions can be as simple as looking in the attic.

Homeowners may be surprised to learn that energy is easily lost through a home's attic. Topping up on your home's attic insulation is an affordable retrofit that can help reduce heating and cooling costs, while conserving energy and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. It can also offer additional cost savings of up to $600 through energy-saving government grants available through the ecoENERGY initiative.

Adding insulation to your attic can be simple for the do-it-yourself homeowner. First, assess how much insulation is already in place. Then, install PINK Fiberglas® Batt Insulation between attic trusses and don't forget to fill nooks and crannies using leftover pieces. A properly insulated attic should achieve the minimum industry standard R-Value of R-50 - a measure of heat flow resistance. Insulating your attic to R-50 will help provide your attic with great insulating power and will also help reduce the amount of energy consumption in your home. It's an easy do-it-yourself project that requires little time and investment that are well worth the financial reward.

And don't forget about proper attic ventilation. Install raft-R-mate® attic vents to ensure proper air-flow through the soffit at the eaves. This will help extend the life of your roof by preventing ice dams and moisture build up.

Always consider these three important questions when considering an attic retrofit:

• Is the attic properly insulated to a value of R-50?

• Can insulation be added to the attic to improve energy-efficiency?

• Is the attic properly ventilated?

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