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Entrepreneurship is a skill that has everything to do with perception and vision. It is an ability that goes far beyond the sphere of commerce in Coquitlam and that can be applied to all areas of human life, from cooking at home, to repairing old clothes.

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Entrepreneurship Truths

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Entrepreneurship: the Truth is in the Methodology

Author: John Vespasian

"To persevere in obstinate condolence is a course of impious stubbornness," wrote Shakespeare in his play Hamlet in the year 1601.

The key element of successful entrepreneurship has nothing to do with persistence. Starting and growing a business has little to do with stubbornness and everything with flexibility. It is a psychological trait that is stifled by rigidity and enhanced by change.

Entrepreneurs dig holes on the ground only if they have good reasons to believe that this is a feasible solution to a burning problem.

JOHN VESPASIAN writes about rational living. He has resided in New York, Madrid, Paris, and Munich. His stories reflect the values of entrepreneurship, tolerance, and self-reliance. See John Vespasian's blog about rational living at http://johnvespasian.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/entrepreneurship-articles/entrepreneurship-the-truth-is-in-the-methodology-933533.html