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While many people may think of trade show trinkets when they think of promotional items, the truth is that there are many items that target executives as well. Read on and learn more in Laval.

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Executive Promotional Items

While many people may think of trade show trinkets when they think of promotional items, the truth is that there are many items that target executives as well. A few items that can be considered executive promotional items include pens, portfolios, computer bags and plaques. This is just a short list of all of the different items that you could use as an executive gift and a branding tool as well within your organization.

Executive promotional items are often given to exceptional employees. This can be for any reason of accomplishment. An employee of the month is an example. The name is added each month to a corporate Plaque, allowing the entire organization to pay homage to an accomplishment. Plaques and awards are also often given out at corporate events, as end of the year awards, as a sign of a project completion and for contest winners. You will find an unlimited use within your organization of this type of executive promotional item.

Pens are a great executive promotional item. Virtually every business person loves a great pen. And, to make it more personalized, you could have the individual’s name or initials placed onto the pen. Many companies that don’t want to spend the money to personalize each pen will simply put the company’s name or logo onto the pens, giving them more opportunity to give them out and a lower bulk price in most instances. This type of executive promotional item may be given out at corporate conferences, at trade shows or to every employee when they begin employment with the firm.

A personalized leather portfolio makes a great gift item. Business people often are in need or a professional looking portfolio and if they have a company’s logo or name branded on them, the item serves a dual purpose as a marketing tool. You could also personalize this item with the person’s initials in addition to a company plaque with the logo or company’s name printed on the front.

Another great executive promotional item is a computer bag, especially for those employees who travel a great deal. A branded computer bag will be seen all over the country as the individual travels by people in their meetings, at their hotel and as they walk through the airport. So, not only is this a great executive promotional item, it is also a great practical item for your workforce. Serve both purposes with one single purchase.

While you may think of trinkets when you think of promotional items, commonly thinking of cheap pens, funny stuffed animals or Frisbees, they can also be higher end, more expensive and targeted toward executives. When selecting the items, the purpose and the target audience need to be taken into consideration. Then, you will be sure to have selected the best possible item to give to your executive team. Remember, promotional items can come in all price ranges and in all shapes and sizes.

Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (http://www.fluidbranding.com), the UK's largest supplier of executive promotional items and Promotional Products. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at http://www.ecoincentives.com

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