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Resume writing may not seem difficult for a writer like you, but for the average person it can cause serious anxiety attacks.

Herzing College
(204) 775-8175
723 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Jobworks Youth Builders Program
(204) 774-3839
670 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Fine-Art Bartending School
(204) 783-3322
605 Erin Street
Winnipeg, MB
ASAP Applied Schooling And Professional Training
(204) 231-1414
202-1280 Archibald Street
Winnipeg, MB
Professional Transport Driver Training School Ltd
(204) 925-1580
300 Oak Point Highway
Winnipeg, MB
Massage Therapy College Of Manitoba The
(204) 772-8999
204-691 Wolseley Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
European School of Esthetics
(204) 943-3440
2-241 Vaughan Street
Winnipeg, MB
Mid Ocean School Of Media Arts
(204) 775-3308
1588 Erin Street
Winnipeg, MB
ASAP Applied Schooling & Professional Training
(204) 231-1414
202-1280 Archibald Street
Winnipeg, MB
Professional Training Services Inc
(204) 257-5577
10 Ambroise Lane
Winnipeg, MB

Freelance Resume Writing Jobs

Resume writing may not seem difficult for a writer like you, but for the average person it can cause serious anxiety attacks. Resumes are a job seeker s first impression at a potential new job – so he wants to get it right. Many people (rightly) don t trust their own abilities to prepare a great resume, so they hire a freelance resume writer to do it for them.

Resume writing can earn you anywhere from $30 to $300 per resume, even if you re a novice. No, it s not a typo, and it s not a bad chunk of change for one or two hours of your time!

How can I get freelance resume writing gigs?

Everyone needs a resume. Students looking for their first job, executives who want to move up the ladder, stay at home moms who are ready to go back to work, retirees who want a little extra cash… the list goes on.

The best way to find these jobs is to make it easy for the jobs to find you. Place an ad in the newspaper (weekends are usually best); or better yet, put one in the Yellow Pages. Even a small ad will draw much attention.
You can look online, as well, but usually the few you can find don t pay very well. A resume writing service may also hire you for your freelance services, but you ll make more money if you re in business for yourself.

What skills do I need to write a good resume?

First, you need flawless spelling and grammar. You also need an eye for aesthetically pleasing formatting. A resume should flow logically, with lots of white space, professional fonts, that sort of thing.

Various jobs call for different resumes; if you aren t sure what goes best with what, then invest in a book on resume writing from your local bookstore. It will give you essential tips to write different resumes that, at first, may seem foreign to you.

It also helps if you re creative, especially if your client s work history is less than awe inspiring. Have they done any volunteer work? Do they have any hobbies that may be marketable as skills? Remember, people are hiring you to showcase them in their best possible light.

Of course, it s always a good idea to have a portfolio to show your future clients. If you don t have a portfolios of samples, then make some resumes up and put them in a folder. You don t need any actual experience, as long as you re willing to put in the time to create some samples.

What should I say to potential customers?

Okay, you ve placed your ad and someone has contacted you to write a resume, but the person is wondering how much it costs. Now what?

Let s say you get an email from someone that says:

Hi there. I am in desperate need of a new resume. I m in a dead end fast food job and I really want to do something else. How much does it cost to get a new resume? Thanks, Rebecca.

Do you write this poor soul back with: Thank you for your inquiry. My fee is $75 per resume ? NO!

Although it s veiled, Rebecca s email asks much more than the price of a resume. She hates her job and she is desperate to move up in the world. Working in a fast food restaurant tells you she probably doesn t have many skills or anything better than a high school diploma (if that). She also probably doesn t have much money. In short, Rebecca wants to know if you re the person to help get her out of a depressing situation.

A response like the one below sends the message that yes, you are the person right for the task.

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for your email. It sounds like you don t have too much job experience, but don t worry – a good resume will show your new boss how great you were at your old job and how fast you can learn new skills. For $45, I can make you a brand new resume with a real ‘wow factor. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Remember, your clients don t just want a resume. They want a job. Show them that you can help them get that job within their budget, and you re on your way to a profitable career in freelance resume writing!

Brian Scott is a full-time freelance writer with over a decade of experience. He finds many of his paid freelance resume writing jobs at Online Writing Jobs ( ), a free jobboard that lets you search thousands of freelance writing jobs.

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