Healthy eating habits start in childhood Regina SK

Remember, children learn by example. If you're insisting that your children eat breakfast, you should too.

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Healthy eating habits start in childhood

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(NC)-Childhood is the time we learn to talk, walk ... and eat. In fact, the kinds of food we eat as kids will determine what we like to eat as adults. Moreover, if we learn to eat healthy young, then we are more likely to do so for the rest of our lives and this in turn will influence the habits we instill in our own children. So if you insist that your family starts the day with a healthy breakfast, make sure that you are leading the way by doing the same. It's hard for them to accept your "eat oatmeal" sales pitch, if you chose instead to breakfast on a coffee and donut from the drive-thru. It's "do as I do" not "do as I say" when it comes to modeling healthy eating.

What does "healthy eating" mean? "It's not about good and. bad food, it's about balance," says Ruthie Burd, president of the Lunch Lady Group whose Lunch Lady franchisees make nutritious school lunches for thousands of kids across Canada. "It means embracing a balanced diet which makes room for all sorts of tastes and food experiences. A healthy meal plan has room for cake, as long as it is an occasional treat and not a staple of your daily diet."

Need help deciding what to eat and how much? Never fear. There are a lot of resources to help you make the right choices. One of these is Canada's Food Guide, which you can find online at A second source is the Dieticians of Canada website at, and if you are interested in the convenience and benefits for having a healthy hot lunch program delivered to your child's school you can visit

Remember this: the eating habits that you teach your children now will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Teach them well, and they will reap the benefits of your love and persistence for years to come, through healthier, happier living.

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