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Off-Season Air Conditioning Purchase Coquitlam BC

One simple property-management example of the benefit of against-the-flow thinking and basic research is air conditioning. Once a luxury and increasingly a necessity, air conditioning (AC) is an element of summer that may be best dealt with out of season.

Protecting Pollinators Coquitlam BC

By observing pollinators in gardens, local parks, along country roads, basically anywhere flowers are growing, and then sending in your observations, you can help scientists to better understand the importance of pollinating insects in order to develop steps that can be taken to protect them. Read on for more information on how to get involved in the Pollination Canada (PC) initiative.

New stats reveal DIYers prone to faulty electrical work Coquitlam BC

It happens all year round. Independent-minded Ontarians make pilgrimages to local hardware stores in search of shiny new tools and equipment to under ...

Eco-friendly décor Coquitlam BC

Gone are the days of doing just about anything without first considering the environment. Here are some tips on how to make your home eco-friendly.

Changing Clocks and Smoke Alarm Batteries Coquitlam BC

When you change your clocks at 2:00 a.m. on November 2, will you also remember to take steps to save your life? Regularly changing your smoke alarm batteries is important and doing it at the same time you change your clocks is a good way to help you remember to do it.

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2008 a record year for fire deaths? "…We always find batteries in the TV remote…" Coquitlam BC

The year 2008 is on track to set new records for fire deaths in Canada. That is not a statistic that local firefighters and public safety officials l ...

A healthy air conditioner is a happy air conditioner Coquitlam BC

Soon Canadians will be sporting shorts and t-shirts, and looking for ways to escape the summer heat. Before the heat waves hit, make sure your air co ...

Affordable water conservation begins in the bathroom Coquitlam BC

As the room in the home that consumes the most water, the bathroom is the ideal place to begin your water conservation renovation. Although it may so ...

Ask the home inspector Coquitlam BC

Q: What are infrared thermographic inspections and what are the benefits?

Backyard Landscaping Coquitlam BC

Now more than ever people are returning to the simple pleasures in life. What could be more relaxing than stepping out your back door into your very own oasis? Whether alone or entertaining family and friends, your backyard can be one of the finest resorts you visit this summer.

Backyard Makeovers Coquitlam BC

If you'll be enjoying a 'staycation' this summer, why not transform your backyard into a four-star resort with these fast, inexpensive and easy-to-do projects to create your own outdoor retreat.

Better sleep tips for shift workers Coquitlam BC

For most of us, our daily routine is simple: wake up when it's light outside and sleep when it's dark. However, for the many Canadians who indulge i ...

Buy yourself some time by always wearing a lifejacket Coquitlam BC

Research has shown that most people who fall into cold water die before they ever experience hypothermia.

Canadian homeowners get paid to go green Coquitlam BC

Canadian homeowners will be big winners now that the federal government has officially launched its ecoENERGY Retrofit initiative, offering financial ...

Canadians find calm and serenity in "Home Spa" bathrooms Coquitlam BC

For many Canadians the bathroom has taken on a whole new role. It has gone from a functional sanitary place to a spa-like sanctuary. It is now the ro ...

Caring for your lawn… naturally Coquitlam BC

For many homeowners, a healthy, lush lawn is a top priority throughout the spring and summer seasons. If done right, it can be maintained all season ...

Cater to the decor-conscious home chef Coquitlam BC

As the popularity of celebrity chefs continues to grow, cooks of all levels are pining for a dynamic kitchen space where meal preparation and enterta ...

Changing Clocks and Smoke Alarm Batteries Coquitlam BC

When you change your clocks at 2:00 a.m. on November 2, will you also remember to take steps to save your life? Regularly changing your smoke alarm batteries is important and doing it at the same time you change your clocks is a good way to help you remember to do it.

Changing Smoke Alarm Batteries Coquitlam BC

Many people are not changing the batteries in their home smoke alarms often enough, according to fire safety polls. Get into the habit of changing smoke alarm batteries "like clockwork."

Choosing a Patio Set Coquitlam BC

Transforming a backyard into a comfortable outdoor space is easier than you think. Before making your purchase, consider how you will most often use the pieces you purchase.

Clean water, clean environment, easy choice Coquitlam BC

The following contains environmental information you should know about clean water filtration. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in environmental care and safety in Coquitlam.

Closet Organization Tips Coquitlam BC

Cheryll Gillespie, casaGURU's home design guru, inspires you to break free from the clutter in your closet.

Clothes Drying Racks Coquitlam BC

When you' ve got a society that's largely ignorant of the hidden costs of running every wet article of clothing through a power-gobbling dryer, you’ll find stores littered with $1.98 drying racks that bend, break and collapse.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs now available as pot lights Coquitlam BC

Today it's easy to do little things that make every part of your home more energy efficient. Ontarians' favourite energy efficiency tool is the compa ...

Decorating tips for your laundry room Coquitlam BC

Traditionally tucked away in a dingy basement corner or stored in a hallway closet, laundry rooms are now finally getting the respect they deserve. A ...

Did you know you can help reduce Ontario's reliance on fossil fuels? Coquitlam BC

Hot summer days lead to increased electricity consumption. Due to widespread use of air conditioning, Ontario residents now use more electricity duri ...

Discover boating and cast off this summer Coquitlam BC

With summer officially here, Canada's lakes, rivers and waterways will be flooded with activity. But those on the shore are left to dream of a better ...

Don't let your piling laundry hamper your summer or the environment Coquitlam BC

Admit it, the last place you want to be this summer is stuck in the laundry room, fretting over sweat and grass stains. To help Canadians break away ...

Easy wall art showcases your style Coquitlam BC

Wall art is all the rage these days, but it needn't be expensive, or require a lot of time and talent to create. Using stretched canvas, spray paint ...

Eco-friendly décor Coquitlam BC

Gone are the days of doing just about anything without first considering the environment. Here are some tips on how to make your home eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly pest control Coquitlam BC

With the warmer temperatures here, many Canadians are spending more time outdoors working on the yard. Unfortunately, a common problem in many garden ...

Electric panel primer Coquitlam BC

After moving into a new home, one of the most daunting things homeowners see is the electric panel. Some simple safety and usage tips can help make t ...

Electric Shocks: Facts and Consequence Coquitlam BC

It's a fact: In Québec, more than 50% of all accidents wherein electricity is a causal factor happen to the general public. It is impossible to fores ...

Electricity: Better safe than sorry Coquitlam BC

Today's life is chock full of a multitude of small repetitive acts, most of them completely ordinary, where electricity plays a lead role. Now, altho ...

Energy Efficient Insulation Coquitlam BC

With oil, gas and electricity costs on the rise, you may be wondering how you can save some money around the house.

Energy-efficient housing made more affordable Coquitlam BC

As the price of energy continues to rise, homebuyers are becoming more conscious of the energy efficiency of their potential home. Today, more option ...

Environment Watch: Simple ways to make a difference Coquitlam BC

The following contains environmental information you should know about saving energy when doing laundry. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in environmental concerns and health in Coquitlam.

Fall home maintenance checklist Coquitlam BC

Colder weather, shorter days and falling leaves mean it's time to get your home ready for the winter months. Fall home maintenance involves more than ...

Fall into savings with energy efficient products for the home Coquitlam BC

As the summer season comes to a close and many activities move indoors, there's no better time to begin incorporating energy-efficient products into ...

Family excursions that don't include planes, trains and automobiles Coquitlam BC

Summertime fun doesn't have to mean big carbon emissions. Instead of planning a road trip or a vacation far away, think about fun things you can do w ...

Feng Shui Tips Coquitlam BC

Balance is a fundamental concept of Feng Shui. The Chinese realized thousands of years ago that there is a little male in every female and a little female in every male, hence the popular saying "get in touch with your feminine side".

Find the perfect pool to suit your needs Coquitlam BC

A swimming pool is the perfect way to entertain the kids and spend quality time with your family or just to relax and enjoy the outdoors. But before ...

Friendly home renovations Coquitlam BC

It's home renovation season in Canada! If you're thinking about a change, make your renovations about more than just dramatic colours and designer de ...

Garage Door Makeover Coquitlam BC

Replacing your old garage door system can completely change the appearance of your garage and bring undeniable benefits to your home.

Garage Organization Coquitlam BC

For many Canadians, the garage has become an extension of the house. It's an extra room for completing small jobs, storing large items and even entertaining - it doesn't have to be cluttered or difficult to navigate.

Gear up for the grilling season Coquitlam BC

With the summer barbecue season upon us, and Father's Day just around the corner, Sears Canada offers seasonal chefs advice on how to have their gril ...

Get a Greener Pesticide Free Lawn Coquitlam BC

Ten ways to get a greener lawn without the use of harmful chemicals or persticides.

Get boating Coquitlam BC

The human body is about 75 per cent water so it's no wonder that as soon as the warm weather arrives, our bodies are calling for trips to Canada's be ...

Get to know your furnace filter Coquitlam BC

On a daily basis, the filter for your central heating and air conditioning system works hard to provide clean, healthy air in your home by trapping d ...

Getting your pet back into its skinny collar - It's a walk in the park, for both of you Coquitlam BC

According to Statistics Canada, 36 percent of Canadians are overweight and according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), 35 percen ...

Greening your laundry Coquitlam BC

Most people are unaware of exactly how much energy it takes to wash their clothes. Home laundering can account for up to 20% of total household hot w ...

Grilling Accessories Coquitlam BC

A wire rib rack holds multiple slabs of ribs upright so that heat circulates around the ribs, cooking them evenly, and allows the pork fat to drip down and away from the ribs. Plus, it frees up valuable cooking space on your grill.

Help Your Lawn Thrive Next Spring Coquitlam BC

As the cooler temperatures roll in it's time to get your lawn and garden ready for the winter months ahead. Take the time now to protect your yard and you will be rewarded with a lush, beautiful and weed resistant lawn and garden in the spring.

Home Fire Safety and Prevention Coquitlam BC

To prevent sparks and embers from entering and igniting your home, make sure there are screens with openings of 1/2 inch or smaller over all attic and foundation vents.

Home Preparations for the Spring Coquitlam BC

Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning and organizing. Canadian Tire has an entire assortment of garage organization products to help organize any garage and maximize space.

Home Renovation tips Why not re-do your indoor air? Coquitlam BC

Every year we look for home renovation projects that will either give us more comfort or bring beauty or added value to our homes. It could be remode ...

Home Security Tips Home invasions: Being home doesn't mean you're safe Coquitlam BC

Did you know that recently Statistics Canada reported that there are approximately 130,000 break-ins a year reported to police in Canada? However, so ...

Home Security Tips: Keep your family safe from accidental fire Coquitlam BC

According to the Canadian Safety Council, every year about 400 Canadians lose their lives in an accidental household fire.

Honeycomb Window Shades Coquitlam BC

Heating your home can get expensive, especially with home heating costs on the rise. Honeycomb window shades can help insulate the home around the area of your windows, where much heat can be lost.

How do you connect with your kids online? Coquitlam BC

The following contains family services information you should know about learning how to connect with your children online. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in family health and care in Coquitlam.

How green is that spray paint? Coquitlam BC

Are you making purchases with the environment in mind? When choosing between two similar products, most consumers say they will choose the environmen ...

How to "window" shop for paint at home New interactive web tool makes choosing paint fun Coquitlam BC

Did you know that a large percentage of consumers still don't know what paint to buy once in a store? Experts say most people don't know how to go ab ...

How to green your cottage Coquitlam BC

Summer is here! This is the season when people go to the cottage to unwind and relax in the pleasures of nature. Making your cottage as energy effici ...

How to know if cleaners are really green Coquitlam BC

It can be difficult for customers to know which cleaning products are really safer and better for the environment.

Improving fire safety at home Coquitlam BC

According to Fire SAFE Ontario, one in ten Canadians have experienced a home fire. While the cause of the fire may not always be in our control, how ...

Increasing Curb Appeal Coquitlam BC

This ability to last longer makes ICP the sustainable pavement of the future. Sustainable means using methods, systems and materials that won't deplete resources or harm natural cycles.

Insulation Upgrades Coquitlam BC

If you're looking for ways to save money and heat this winter, try upgrading your current insulation.

It's now easier and more affordable than ever to clean green Coquitlam BC

Going "green" doesn't have to be all or nothing. Making even small changes in your every day life can have an enormous positive impact on the environ ...

Juggling your family's schedule can be a pain Coquitlam BC

Do you get dizzy just looking at your family's activity planner? You're not alone! Family stresses are the most common cause of headaches for one in ...

Keep your family fun clean as a whistle Coquitlam BC

Vim (www.vim.ca) Power Cream Sprays make it easy to keep your home looking beautiful. And when the tough dirt of summer is making your favourite item ...

Key to water safety is "Within Arm's Reach" Coquitlam BC

Summer in Canada is synonymous with water play and unfortunately that can spell disaster. Almost 500 Canadians die every year in water-related incide ...

Kitchen Islands Coquitlam BC

As the attractiveness of kitchen islands continue to grow, so do the innovations. Learn how to make your kitchen island dreams come true.

Kitchen organization for busy families Coquitlam BC

Countries have capitals, corporations have headquarters and families have the kitchen. No longer simply the room where meals are cooked, the kitchen ...

Kitchen Party: Make your kitchen conducive to entertaining Coquitlam BC

As Canadians, getting together with family and friends has always been one of our favourite pastimes. Rather than venturing out, we are increasingly ...

Kitchen Remodeling with Yellow Metals Coquitlam BC

While stainless steel and chrome finishes have dominated in kitchen décor for the past several years, yellow metal is coming back into style.

Landscape lighting: A great way to dress up your home Coquitlam BC

The real estate market may be in a slump, but not all industries having to do with the home are in trouble. Companies that specialize in remodeling a ...

Laundry Tips Coquitlam BC

During times when families are cutting back on discretionary spending, people want to know how to protect and preserve their favourite wardrobe items.

Local gardening lessons from developing countries around the world Coquitlam BC

Its gardening season. And any gardener in Canada can share at least one story of challenge and triumph when trying to grow their favourite vegetable. ...

Luxurious exteriors Outdoor entertaining in beautiful exterior spaces Coquitlam BC

An increasing number of Canadians are looking to extend their home decor outdoors in an attempt to harmonize their living spaces and bring beauty and ...

Make a splash in electricity savings Coquitlam BC

Do you live in one of the 45,000 Ontario homes with an above-ground electrically heated or unheated pool and/or spa? Did you know that you can save m ...

Mold and Mildew in Your Bathroom Coquitlam BC

Excess moisture can make your bathroom a haven for mold and mildew growth. Find out how to prevent mold and mildew from taking over your bathroom.

More than just a summer job Coquitlam BC

In today's marketplace, employees' expectations are increasing. As a result of these demands, companies are offering greater opportunities and more i ...

New poll shows Canadians very vulnerable to fire tragedy Results frighten fire safety experts Coquitlam BC

A new cross-country fire safety poll has revealed that Canadians are more vulnerable to fire tragedies than we need to be.

New stats reveal DIYers prone to faulty electrical work Coquitlam BC

It happens all year round. Independent-minded Ontarians make pilgrimages to local hardware stores in search of shiny new tools and equipment to under ...

Off-Season Air Conditioning Purchase Coquitlam BC

One simple property-management example of the benefit of against-the-flow thinking and basic research is air conditioning. Once a luxury and increasingly a necessity, air conditioning (AC) is an element of summer that may be best dealt with out of season.

Outdoor entertaining: Making the most of Canada's shortest season Coquitlam BC

Summers are always too short and many Canadians do their best to stretch out the season by packing in as much activity as possible. Often, this means ...

Outdoor Retreats Coquitlam BC

Like any room in your house lighting is key and when it comes to the outdoors, solar powered lights are a great option. Solar lights are environmentally friendly - which is great news for the green-minded consumer who's looking to save on their energy bills.

Pat Testers Coquitlam BC

Quality pat testing services are offered through Products4testing in Coquitlam. They are the authorized licensee beginning the local electrical authority to conduct pat testing then issue certificate. Their word is considered final in the business.

Patio Parties Personalize your backyard barbecue Coquitlam BC

The following contains food and nutrition information you should know about how to personalize your backyard barbecue. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in recipes and food preparation in Coquitlam.

Pests and your health Coquitlam BC

Insects and rodents play a vital role in the environment, but that doesn't mean that they should be welcome in your home. In addition to "bugging" yo ...

Pets aren't the ones putting their paws in the treat jar Coquitlam BC

As the human obesity epidemic grows many people are forgetting about our four-legged friends. According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Associatio ...

Photo Frames Coquitlam BC

Accessories are to accentuate the person’s personality. Similarly rooms also require certain accessories to glorify themselves. And what's better than a contemporary piece of art in the form of a Photo frame.

Plant a Tree Coquitlam BC

Follow these simple steps to planting a tree with your family and in doing so, add a new member to your familly.

Pools and hot tubs go 'green' Coquitlam BC

Rising fuel costs and greater restrictions on water usage can make running pool and spa equipment more expensive these days - but the pool and spa in ...

Portable Water Purification System Coquitlam BC

If you work in DC or Baltimore and you want to use your office tap, you need a portable water purification system that removes lead. If you can, you should get your company to invest in a better filtration device that fits right onto the tap. There would be numerous advantages.

Prepare and protect your family this summer storm season Coquitlam BC

If last year's weather forecast is any indication of what to expect this summer, many areas of Canada should prepare themselves for record temperatur ...

Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter Coquitlam BC

Fall is the ideal time to do an inspection of your house to be sure that it will be ready to meet the rigours of winter. The maintenance of your garage door is a main part.

Pricing Standards of Natural Stone Coquitlam BC

Nowadays, people like to design their homes with natural stone tiles. These tiles have a rustic look that can render a country-side look to your homes in Coquitlam. You can use them to design your indoor or outdoor walls and floorings. They are available in various patterns and materials; hence you can mix and match various tiles to create a peerless contemplation.

Professional Movers Coquitlam BC

Moving is always a challenging task to every one of us in Coquitlam especially if we have too many stuff to pack and move. Can't blame you if you're one of the many people wishing for a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and instantly have every item in your possession properly packed, sealed, labeled, and ready to be moved.

Protecting Pollinators Coquitlam BC

By observing pollinators in gardens, local parks, along country roads, basically anywhere flowers are growing, and then sending in your observations, you can help scientists to better understand the importance of pollinating insects in order to develop steps that can be taken to protect them. Read on for more information on how to get involved in the Pollination Canada (PC) initiative.

Protecting Shrubs and Trees Coquitlam BC

It's happened to many gardeners who simply just don't see it coming. Sometimes grass, which can go towards making our green spaces look simply gorgeous, can kill.

Published at age 10? Make it happen for your child Coquitlam BC

One of the best ways to motivate your children or students is to have their art published. It may appear complicated, but here are easy ways to do it ...

Put your old tech treasures out to green pastures Coquitlam BC

In the virtual world, there are no papers to sign, no compact discs to load in a stereo system and no photo albums to flip through. In addition to th ...

Ready, set, grill! Coquitlam BC

Now that the warm weather is here many Canadians are ready to get grilling. Canadian Tire has the following information to help you barbecue like a " ...

Reduce indoor noise Coquitlam BC

Canadian winters can be unruly, but what we often forget is that Canadian summers can also be unbearably hot. And with the aging population and so ma ...

Reducing Home Energy Bills Coquitlam BC

Relief from the cost of home heating fuel begins with the materials you use to build your home.

Reducing your speed saves more than a traffic offence - it could save a child's life Coquitlam BC

Speeding has become commonplace in Canada. According to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, about 2.7 million Canadians admit to often driving w ...

Remodeling with Bathroom Tiles Coquitlam BC

A good bathroom tiles can enhance your bathroom decor. Therefore, if your bathroom looks dreary, then it’s the time to revamp your bathroom with the latest colors and designs in Coquitlam. An exceptionally good design can add all the more life to your bathrooms. Hence, you must follow some guidelines while selecting the most unique tiles for your bathroom.

Right-size your fridge Coquitlam BC

Do you have mystery food items that have been in your freezer for months? What about a second fridge in the basement that holds a couple of pop bottl ...

Save energy, save money Coquitlam BC

As the price of electricity continues to rise, we are faced with the growing need to become more energy efficient. One of the biggest consumers of en ...

Six energy saving tips to help maximize your "cool" potential Coquitlam BC

Want to maximize your energy efficiency and minimize the impact you have on the environment and your pocketbook this summer? Here are some easy tips ...

Slow your pace, it's not a race Coquitlam BC

Pedestrian safety applies to all Canadians, but when it comes to child pedestrian safety, the numbers really hit home. According to Safe Kids Canada ...

Spring Décor Tips Coquitlam BC

According to Cheryll Gillespie, casaGURU's home decorating guru, Easter is an "eggcellent" time to hop into spring décor!

Spring Interior Design Tips Coquitlam BC

Spring décor can best be described as: fresh, vibrant, and crisp. This is the perfect week to paint a room or a few walls. Throw open the windows and add a little colour to your rooms; after all, colour is your least expensive and most effective decorating tool!

Stainmaster Carpets Coquitlam BC

STAINMASTER carpets in Coquitlam are available in a variety of colors and textures so as to match your home decor. The most famous patterns include the luxurious Cut Pile carpet also referred to as plush pile, Twist Pile carpet, Patterned Cut & Loop, Textured Loop Pile, Textured Cut & Loop carpets and many more.

Stay on alert for radon Coquitlam BC

Most of us schedule an annual personal physical with our family doctor. When you consider the amount of time your family spends at home, it makes tot ...

Stay safe from summer storms Coquitlam BC

Winter's fury may be long forgotten, but unexpected summer storms can be just as dangerous. Heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning strikes can caus ...

Stemless Stemware Coquitlam BC

In the world of high-end stemware design in Coquitlam, rugged and low has been winning out over thin and spindly. Wine glasses without stems have been making a slow but steady inroads into the status quo of the beverage world. Cylindrical snifter-like glasses with minimal bases (if any at all) are fast becoming popular among younger wine drinkers. What starts with the young may spread to the old.

Summer's here - Time to put down the treats and get a paw up on exercise! Coquitlam BC

Obesity is a growing concern for humans as well as pets - and, eating right and daily exercise is essential for all pets to lead happy and healthy li ...

Survey Discloses Preferred Barbecue Features and Accessories Coquitlam BC

When it comes to barbecue features and accessories, tongs are tops and side burners and a searing zone are gaining in popularity.

Teaching children about pedestrian safety - over and over again - can save their lives Coquitlam BC

Spring and summer mean more than flowers, rain showers, vacation and relaxation. The warm weather also brings a little known fact and an unwelcome r ...

Testing the waters: Seven steps to spousal conversion Coquitlam BC

Despite the obvious benefits to boating, some still need help convincing their significant other (S.O.) the time has come to buy a boat and get out o ...

Tiki-tastic patio parties: Tips on hosting a memorable summer bash Coquitlam BC

"Making a splash on patios across Canada, Tiki chic reigns as this summer's hottest entertaining trend," says Korey Kealey, food and entertaining spe ...

Tilling Tools Coquitlam BC

Steve Maxwell, casaGURU's home improvement guru, shows you how to get the most tillage work done with the least amount of effort.

Tips and tricks to keep your whites white Coquitlam BC

An increase in Canadians sporting white clothing is a sure sign spring has arrived. Because white is a fashion 'do' this time of year, it's more impo ...

Tips for Refreshing the Rooms You Entertain In Coquitlam BC

We all want our homes to look their best when entertaining for the holidays or any time of year. Sally Morse, director of creative services for Hunter Douglas, Canada's leading manufacturer of custom window fashions, has the following tips for refreshing the rooms you entertain in.

Travelling with Fido? Coquitlam BC

Drooling, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. A motion sick dog is not a pretty sight, particularly when the sickness takes place while you are en route. Rec ...

Type of Hydroponic Garden Systems Coquitlam BC

As a beginner in the field of hydroponic gardening in Coquitlam, you might get overwhelmed with the various types of hydroponic garden system. The following article takes into account the functions and the advantages of the three of the most popular types of garden systems. The following systems are: NFT or Nutrient Film Technique System, Ebb and Flow System, and the Drip System or Top Feed System.

Undersink Water Filter Coquitlam BC

Drinking water contains some things that you might not want to drink. Impurities and things that can taste bad and be less than healthy. Have you ever considered getting an under skin water filte from your local storer in Coquitlam?

Update the bathroom without breaking the bank Coquitlam BC

"It is possible to give your bathroom a great new look without going over your budget," says Anita Griffin, Canadian brand manager for Delta Faucet. ...

Upgrading Home Lighting Coquitlam BC

The economy may be in the doldrums, but that doesn't mean your decor has to be there too. It's possible to turn dark, dreary and dated decor into light, lively and "now" on just a shoestring budget.

Useful Home-Used Boxes Coquitlam BC

What a mess! Stuff everywhere and not enough room to put everything. Does this sound like you? It's the little items that are the hardest, easily broke and hard to keep like items together.

Vegetable Garden Design Coquitlam BC

Vegetable garden design varies with your imagination and choice. It is all about what you desire and want the design or look of the garden to be. It might be circular, wide, long depending on you as the control system to select is in your hands. The design also varies with the type of crops you are planning to grow in your garden in Coquitlam.

Vertical Style Window Blinds Coquitlam BC

Why is it that so many condominiums are using vertical blinds to cover the windows in Coquitlam? Could it be that these window blinds are talented at the excellent protection from bright light? Let's explore this idea, and see what we learn.

Water conservation made easy Coquitlam BC

For many Canadians, manicuring the lawn and maintaining a beautiful garden continues to be a favourite summertime hobby. While the desire for a beaut ...

Water Heater Sediment Coquitlam BC

The sediment in the bottom of your water heater is any solid material that settles to the bottom. Its can be sand or other debris from your well or the water mains, or it can be minerals, (calcium carbonate), that precipitates out of the water at higher temperatures.

Water Purification Devices Coquitlam BC

Which water purification device should you buy for your home? You want the best water purification device in Coquitlam for you and your family. But which water purifier is the one you should choose? By reading this article you will be able to make an informed decision.

Water safety can be as easy As "1-2-3" Coquitlam BC

Summer in Canada is synonymous with water play. Families often spend weekends near waterways in Canada's many lakes, rivers and beaches. While water ...

Weed Control Coquitlam BC

Nearly everyone who has a lawn in Coquitlam has the problem of weeds interfering with their vision of a lush green lawn. Weeds are not something anyone who desires a beautiful lawn wants to deal with. They are an uninvited guest that shows up unexpectedly and will only leave once brute force is applied.

What is a home inspection? Coquitlam BC

Whether you are shopping for a previously-owned house or a brand new house, an inspection provides insight to the condition of the home you are buyin ...

Window Decals Coquitlam BC

Window decals are everywhere and aside from the obvious humorous side they also have some important jobs to perform as well. One reason they are so popular is because they are cheap and easy to produce in volume and are eminently suitable for both indoor and outdoor use no matter what the weather conditions.

Working around the house and yard: Beware of wires Coquitlam BC

In Québec, the spring and summer weather entices us to come out of our houses and take care of the thousand and one little repairs and improvements t ...

Your tools: Safe and sound Coquitlam BC

One of the major elements in the successful performance of work around the home, both inside and outside, is the proper choice and use of tools.