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Canada is a wired nation. In 1998 one in three Canadian households owned a computer. Flash forward ten years and that figure has more than doubled wi ...

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Home networking 101

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Now everyone in your home can get connected with speed and simplicity. With Bell's home networking offering, multiple computers and printers can access the wi-fi zone making your home a user-friendly space that can accommodate various combinations of hardware and software.

(NC)-Canada is a wired nation. In 1998 one in three Canadian households owned a computer. Flash forward ten years and that figure has more than doubled with over 70% of Canadian households now owning a computer. And, with ever-increasing uses and applications for home computing (including email, schoolwork, grocery shopping, instant messaging, downloading music, videos and movies, playing games, or online chatting with friends to name a few) more and more families are finding that one computer is no longer enough to go around.

Networking computers used to be considered a business tool, or a technical luxury in a home environment; however, with so many families requiring multiple computers, owning a home network has become a peace-keeping necessity.

What is a home network?

Simply put, a home network is a tool that lets your computers communicate and share with one another. Having two or more computers on a network will let you share and access the Internet, files and documents, accessories (such as printers, scanners, CD burners), gaming systems, stereos, TVs and more. To put this into context, a home network lets you avoid the argument you will have with your daughter who does not want to end her instant messaging with her friends online, by letting you simultaneously order the groceries online using another computer linked via the same Internet connection.

The freedom to roam

There are many home networking options to explore, but a wireless home network is the most convenient. A wireless home network lets you connect your computers to each other and the Internet without having to run extra wires around your home. All that you need is a wireless adaptor on each computer you want to connect. Once connected, you can go online from virtually any room in your home.

In Canada, Bell is the exclusive provider of wireless home networking. For a one-time fee of $79.95 you can connect multiple computers to the Internet through a single Internet connection (no more taking turns). And best of all, you can go wireless at the same time. Set up is easy and customers are offered 24/7 technical support which takes the head scratching out of the experience. More information on this topic is available online at www.bell.ca/homenetworking.

Credit: www.newscanada.com