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Are you making purchases with the environment in mind? When choosing between two similar products, most consumers say they will choose the environmen ...

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How green is that spray paint?

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(NC)-Are you making purchases with the environment in mind? When choosing between two similar products, most consumers say they will choose the environmentally-friendly option. To help you make educated purchase decisions, manufacturers are providing more information about their sustainability practices and products on their websites and in other communications.

One example is Krylon, maker of spray paint for home décor and home improvement uses. Always an innovator, Krylon now uses sustainable raw materials such as soy in many of its spray paints. The company has made it a priority to reduce the amount of solvent in its paint formulations, and is taking many steps to reduce waste during manufacturing and distribution.

Here are some things users of spray paint might want to know:

CFCs and VOCs. Spray paints today contain no chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants and have not for more than 30 years. The major manmade sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are associated with smog production, are vehicle emissions, combustion and industrial emissions. Consumer products are estimated to account for only a very small percentage of VOCs from manmade sources, with aerosols accounting for an extremely small amount.

Spray Paint Advances. Krylon's H20 Latex, the first 100% acrylic latex spray paint, contributes 55% less to smog pollution than most solvent-based spray paints. It can be safely sprayed indoors with ventilation.

Krylon's new EZ Touch 360° dial spray tip, on cans of Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint and Krylon brushed metallic finishes, features the industry's first adjustable-direction fan-spray tip. It provides greater coverage per pass and reduced overspray compared to traditional spray paint tips.

Spray paint helps extend the life of home and yard items by freshening up their appearance. Krylon's Fusion for Plastic spray paint helps contribute to the reuse of plastics by allowing consumers to refresh old, worn plastic items with a new finish, so the amount of plastic waste flowing into landfills can be reduced.

Reusing and Recycling Materials. Empty cans of Krylon spray paint are recyclable, and new cans are made from more than 25% recycled steel. Each pound of recycled steel used saves 5,450 BTUs of energy in subsequent steel production, according to The Steel Recycling Institute.

The plastic caps on the cans are also completely recyclable, plus the caps for some products have been redesigned to use less plastic. These new caps carry a plastic resin identification code for easier recycling and can be packed in greater numbers per box, reducing fuel-related transportation costs.