How to Get Massive Website Traffic Saint John NB

Have you been asking yourself how to generate massive website traffic in Saint John and how long it takes till you finally appear in the top 10 pages in Google or other search engines? Have you invested much of your time and perhaps marketing budget already and feel a little impatient? Well I would like to share little undiscovered secrets which will almost guarantee you top ranking fast and for free.

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How to Get Massive Website Traffic

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How to get massive website traffic and how to get to the top of the search engines fast?

Author: Tamara Machavariani

How to get massive website traffic and how long it takes until results are shown depends on the techniques you choose. As an Internet marketer you have to make sure your message reaches the right audience. It can take anything from couple of hours to weeks or even months.

Prior to adopting any strategies it is advisable to ask the questions like are you willing to buy traffic or are you looking for free and less expensive ways to climb up the ladder? Do you want fast results, perhaps right after your new product is being launched?

Depending on your product or service you may find the following tried and tested methods that will quickly drive traffic to your website. And since I am a big fan of free traffic those are free too.

  1. Integration traffic

This is simply a concept of integrating into existing sales procedures. For example you can approach people who are already selling products and have high ranking and offer them bonus, such as free newsletters, thank you pages, products that will add value to their customers and increase their sale. In exchange they drive traffic to your website plus you keep leads.

  1. Affiliate traffic

Can you hire affiliates you can promote your products? Pay affiliates high, 75% or even 100% at front end but they drive traffic and you profit at the back end sale or even generate residual income.

  1. Video traffic

YouTube is one of the most powerful tools of massive distribution and is highly search engine friendly, which can help you to rank highly amongst them. YouTube gets the massive traffic on the Internet, and traffic equals money.

  1. Article traffic

Write 500 words about your niche and submit to multiple article directories, blogs. You will place your website link and drive traffic back to your site.

  1. Joint Venture traffic

Simply find people in your niche who have a big client list and are willing to work on co-project. Offer them your product, which they promote and you get not just sales but traffic back to your website.

  1. Back linking

That is powerful. Find in the Google top 10 or 20 highly ranked websites in your niche which are relevant but not in the competition to your business. Contact the website owners and ask to exchange links with them. Add their website links to your website if they link yours to their website. This method will certainly increase your site reputation in the eyes of search engines.

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