How to Perform Post-Winter Maintenance Regina SK

With warmer temperatures ahead, it's a great time to begin addressing any roof damage that old man winter has left behind. Read this article and know more.

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How to Perform Post-Winter Maintenance

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(NC)-With warmer temperatures ahead, it's a great time to begin addressing any roof damage that old man winter has left behind. Venture to the top of your home and examine your home's roof and attic to assess their conditions and ensure they're in tip top shape for the Spring season.

"As many of us already know, the roof above our heads plays a very important role during all seasons. It protects us from the elements and the insulation underneath in the attic helps maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home," says Michael Macey, Insulation Expert, Owens Corning. "A tip top roof is a sturdy roof made from quality materials and an ideal attic is insulated with at least 15 inches of batt insulation to help regulate indoor temperatures."

All parts of a roof should be well maintained, but it's important to understand that the area under the roof needs just as much maintenance as the outside.

"A well-insulated and ventilated attic under your roof is essential in every home," says Macey. "Adequate insulation can help reduce heating and cooling costs* by slowing the escape of hot or cool air from the top of the home. Proper ventilation is also necessary and can help excessive heat in the attic escape especially during the upcoming summer months."

Key Elements Of Attic Maintenance

Top-Up Your Attic Insulation

What condition is your attic currently in and how much insulation do you need? Macey suggests insulating your attic up to 15 inches using PINK FIBERGLAS Batt Insulation from the attic floor up or 18 3/4 inches of PROPINK Blown Insulation, which is installed by a professional contractor. By insulating your attic up to these amounts, a value of R-50, you can help improve your home's air quality, save a half-ton** of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and qualify for a government retrofit rebate of up to $600. To find out how government grants can help offset your insulation costs, visit What's more is that you can also get a Home Renovation Tax Credit of 15 per cent to a maximum of $1,350 - visit for further details.

Examine Your Attic Ventilation

Installing raft-R-mate Attic Rafter Vents can help prevent moisture build up in the attic and assure an unrestricted flow of fresh spring air. If you're uncomfortable with installing attic insulation or rafter vents alone, you can easily find a local licensed professional online.

Don't let your roofing and attic education stop here. Visit for more information and step-by-step instructions on how to ventilate and insulate your attic this Spring.

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