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As you probably know, preparation, persistence, and enthusiasm are important keys to finding a job. Education and training also play a vital role.

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How to Qualify for Jobs

Men Shaking Hands - copyright ©As you probably know, preparation, persistence, and enthusiasm are important keys to finding a job. Education and training also play a vital role. Remember:

If your child is still in high school, the first step is to encourage them to complete a rigorous program of study. It should give them the knowledge and skills suitable to get started in any career they select. It should also get them ready for future programs of study they might wish to pursue.

If your child is out of high school and looking for new opportunities, they should find out how their skills match up with employer requirements in their area of interest. If they need more training or education, they'll want to identify institutions or programs that have what they're seeking and check their eligibility requirements, training costs, and available financial assistance.

How Do They Get Started?

  • If they're in high school, you should learn about Career Clusters and how they might help determine the best course of study.
  • To find information on the knowledge, skills and abilities that are in demand with employers, select any of our featured industries on the left side of your screen and then select any of the occupations that are in the in-demand list. You can then learn about what is required for that occupation as well as the employment and wage trends in most states.
  • To see how current set of skills matches the requirements of a particular occupation, try the Skills Profiler on our sister site, America's CareerInfoNet (ACINet). ACINet also has contact information for millions of employers in the Employer Locator tool.
  • Finally, you can find a great selection of jobs at individual state job banks by clicking here.

My Child Would Like Some Personal Assistance. Where Can They Go?

There is a lot to consider when job hunting. It's helpful to talk with someone who can help guide you in the right direction. Your local One-Stop Career Center has counselors ready to give you valuable guidance for making the right career decisions. Find a local One-Stop Career Center in your area or call our Toll-Free Help Line for help with employment and training questions.

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