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How to Treat Constipation Regina SK

Constipation is a condition where normal bowel movement undergoes a change, this is characterised by a decrease in frequency or passage of hard and dry stool. Read on and find out how to deal with this annoying situation in Regina.

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How to Treat Constipation

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How To Treat Constipation, Try this to get rid of Constipation

Author: Bryan Len

Constipation is a condition where normal bowel movement undergoes a change, this is characterised by a decrease in frequency or passage of hard and dry stool.

The causes of constipation include:

1) Poor diet

2) Drug side effects

3) Not exercising

4) Stress factor

5) Not drinking enough water

Constipation can be treated following these instructions:

1) Take A Laxative

Laxatives are one of the most common methods of treating constipation. Laxatives can either be orthodox or herbal (your choice). There are many herbal laxatives to choose from, some of them are mild and some of them are quite powerful and they can actually irritate the colon and intestines instead. When choosing a laxative, choose laxatives that are gentle and effective. A laxative such as licorice is a good example of a gentle and effective way to treat constipation.

2) Cleansing Tea

Drinking a specific cleansing tea (e.g. Chinese green tea) will help you keep your bowel, colon and intestines in pretty good shape and prevent you from having constipation. Most of these cleansing teas are usually taken consistently for a week or two weeks, and then taken once every other day in order in stay in shape.

3) Change Your Diet

In most cases of constipation the addition of fibre and fluids (lots fluids) will treat the problem. Regular intake of soluble fibre present in fruits and vegetables and insoluble fibre present in wheat will definitely help keep the intestines in optimum shape. However, too much fibre added to the diet too fast may make you gassy. Be sure to add fibre to your diet gradually and continue to take lots of fluids.

4) Herbal Remedies

Herbs are the best methods in treating constipation, and there are different herbs for dealing with constipation.

a) Herbs for bulk

These herbs give up a large amount of fibre; this bulks up the waste material in the colon, and also helps the faeces pass out more easily. This is achieved because a reflex action takes place in the bowel. Herbs in the “bulk category” are:

- Linseeds

- Psyllium husks

- Fenugreek

The herbs should be taken with lots of water everyday day.

b) Aloe Vera

The outer skin of the Aloe Vera herb known as “Cape Aloe” is a very potent laxative, but it is very (extremely) bitter and quite unpleasant if you decide to taste it. You might have a look of disgust written all over your face if you go ahead to drink it. It is seldom used by most people.

c) Cascara Sagrada or Sacred Bark

This herb is used in small quantities (about 50 milligrams) with each meal, and the mixture of this herb with other “suitable” herbs will lead to the permanent treatment of constipation in a period of six months. This herb should be taken every day, but for it to be more potent, cascara should be combined with herbs such as cayenne, turkey rhubarb, barberry etc. the combination of this herbs with other herbs has been known to treat long time constipation in most people who have used this formula.

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