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The following contains business services information you should know about how to welcome customers with disabilities. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in running a productive, successful business in Charlottetown.

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How to welcome customers with disabilities

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It's good for your business!

(NC)-Did you know?

• About 1.85 million people in Ontario have a disability. That's 15.5 per cent of Ontario's population or one in seven Ontarians. Over the next 20 years, as the population ages, the number will rise.

• People with disabilities spend nearly $25 billion a year in Canada.

That's a lot of people and money!

Making your business accessible to people with disabilities makes good business sense. Here are some simple, low-cost ways to help you welcome customers with disabilities.

• Some disabilities are not visible. Be patient. People with some kinds of disabilities may take a little longer to understand and respond.

• If you're not sure what to do, ask your customer, "May I help you?"

• Speak directly to a customer with a disability, not to their interpreter or someone who is with them.

• Make sure aisles are free of clutter, merchandise and displays. This will help customers who use wheelchairs or walkers. It will also help people with children in strollers.

• If your customer uses a hearing aid, speak clearly. Keep your hands away from your face.

• Good lighting can help people with low vision. Make information - advertisements, product information, and menus - readable. Use large, high-contrast typefaces.

• Ask permission before touching a person's wheelchair or a piece of equipment.

During National Access Awareness Week (May 26 -

June1) do your part - visit for information on what you can do to make your business more accessible for people with disabilities.