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Warts are generally caused by the Human Papillomavirus Virus. There are several different types of warts which have been identified. These vary in the site affected, shape and type of HPV. There are actually a number of different wart treatments available nowdays, such as apple cider vinegar, a banana mixture, salicyclic acid, natural organic medicine and so on.

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Information on Warts

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Basics About Warts

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Types of warts include: (1) common warts which are raised above the skin and have a rough surface and as a result have a characteristic cauliflower-like appearance; (2) plantar warts which are usually encountered on the soles of the feet and grow inward often resulting in a painful hard lump and causing significant pain from just standing and especially walking; (3) flat warts with flesh or tan color which usually occur on the hands, neck, face, wrists or knees and often in multiple amounts; (4) digitate or filiform warts which are thread-like warts mostly occurring on the face; (5) mosaic warts which are groupings of tightly clustered plantar-type warts; (6) genital warts which are venereal warts on the genitals requiring special care.

There are actually a number of different wart treatments available nowdays, such as apple cider vinegar. (1) All you have to do is that you soak the area of the warts in warm water for about twenty minutes, then apply full strength apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball leaving it for ten minutues, at last wash it off and let dry. (2) Another method that you can follow using the apple cider vinegar is that you keep a plastic container with a lid in your bathroom and make sure that there is enough apple cider vinegar in it to cover the area with the warts. After every shower or bath you take, you can just dip the area in vinegar and then dry it off. Just remember not to actually rinse the vinegar off. Using this method, you may notice results immediately. And for most people their warts are gone within a week.

Salicyclic acid is the most commonly used method as it is a much more aggressive form of treatment than the others. Products with the salicylic acid as an ingredient work by destroying wart tissue. To use these products, you just need to apply them directly to the wart and not on the surrounding skin because you don't want it to get irritated.

You may have to try more than one method in order to actually get rid of your warts, but at least you know that you have options. If nothing seems to be working and your warts are persistent, then you may need to make an appointment with your doctor so that you can discuss with him/her about further options and methods of treatment.

WartCure provides a safe and effective alternative to this invasive and expensive treatment. It contains only certified organic anti viral extracts which have the demonstrated ability to not only kill the wart virus but also stimulate CD4 T-cells, those cells responsible for cleansing virus-infected cells. As a result, WartCure accomplishes what surgery attempts to achieve without any recurrence, discomfort or tissue damage. Application actually kills the virus. See more in our website

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