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Anyone in Edmonton who has ever tried to lose a few extra pounds knows just how difficult it is to attain your goals. We all want to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. However, unless you can afford your own personal trainer, chances are that you will need some help deciding what to eat, what not to eat, whether you should exercise, and various other weight loss factors.

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Information on Weight Loss

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Weight-Loss Surgery Safer Than Thought

For those considering bariatric surgery to combat significant obesity, a new study suggests the risk of complications may be much lower than what has previously been reported.

The study, which looked at both gastric bypass surgery and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (lap-band surgery), found that the risk of death for these surgeries was 0.3 percent and the risk of a major adverse outcome was 4.3 percent.

"Bariatric surgery is safe," said study co-author Dr. Bruce Wolfe, a professor of surgery at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. "Certain factors [such as a history of blood clots, obstructive sleep apnea or impaired functional status] increase the risk of complications, but you can discuss these risks as well as the potential benefits with your surgeon."

Results of the study appear in the July 30 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

As obesity rates have risen, so, too, has the popularity of bariatric surgery. Although it is a major surgical procedure, the benefits to the severely obese generally far outweigh the risks. In fact, the risk of death over time is about 35 percent lower for someone who's had the surgery compared to someone who remains extremely obese, according to background information in the study.

However, the surgery isn't for everyone. "If you're five or 10 pounds overweight, bariatric surgery isn't for you," said Dr. Malcolm K. Robinson, an assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, and the author of an accompanying editorial in the same issue of the journal.

"Basically, when I or my colleagues advise surgery, it's because the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks. In general, that's the case for someone with a BMI [body-mass index] of 35 and weight-related health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, or someone with a BMI of 40 or more," said Robinson, who added that as the risks of the surgery keep dropping, those BMI numbers may get even lower in the future.

The current study included 4,776 people who underwent one of the following types of bariatric surgery: lap-band surgery (1,198 patients), laparoscopic gastric bypass (2,975 patients), open gastric bypass (437 patients) or another procedure (166 patients). All of the surgeries were done by surgeons specifically qualified for this study. All of the surgeries took place between March 2005 and December 2007.

The average age of the study participant was 44.5 years old, 22 percent of the study volunteers were male and 11 percent were nonwhite. The average BMI in the study was 46.5. More than half of the study group had at least two coexisting medical conditions, the study authors noted.

In his editorial, Robinson points out that these procedures may represent "best-case scenarios" because they were done by experienced surgeons in high-volume bariatric centers. However, he said that because the field of bariatric surgery has advanced so much in the past few years, he believes these results are a "generally achievable phenomenon."

Both Robinson and Wolfe recommend that any person considering bariatric surgery should choose a facility that's been designated as a "Center of Excellence" because that means that the surgeon and the whole health-care team are qualified and experienced.

More information

Learn more about bariatric surgery from the U.S. government's Weight-control Information Network.

Author: By Serena Gordon
HealthDay Reporter

SOURCES: Bruce Wolfe, M.D., professor, surgery, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Ore.; Malcolm K. Robinson, M.D., assistant professor, surgery, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston; July 30, 2009, New England Journal of Medicine

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Weight Loss Tips

5 Weight Loss Tips Directly from the Pros

Author: Tucker

  1. Be realistic. When you are excited about weight loss, chances are you want to lose a lot pounds in a short amount of time. This type of thinking usually results in disappointment and failure. Setting realistic goals is the key to success. You should expect to lose 2 pounds a week with healthy nutrition and exercise.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast. A lot of tend to skip breakfast in order to reduce our calorie intake. That is a bog mistake. When we skip breakfast we are more likely to snack during the day and overindulge during lunch.
  3. Substitute refined grains with whole grain products. Pasta, bread, and cereals are all excellent sources of whole grains.
  4. Eat smaller meals. Consuming a small meal every three hours is much more beneficial than eating three giant meals. When you avoid the hunger stage you are less likely to snack and overindulge during your next meal.
  5. Make sure that protein and fiber are a part of every mini-meal. This will help you feel full longer and increase your metabolic activity.

These are just a few tips to help you attain the weight you dream about. Whey protein shakes, all natural diet pills and various other all natural herbal remedies can help you attain a slimmer waist. Don’t be afraid to approach weight loss the smart way. 

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Tucker Moore enjoys writing articles relating to diet, health, fitness and nutrition. Her skills include unearthing the natural medicinal and weight loss benefits of natural supplements, diet pills, and herbal remedies.

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