Infrared cooking saves time for busy families Saint John NB

The following contains food and nutrition information you should know about infrared cooking for busy families. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in recipes and food preparation in Saint John.

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Infrared cooking saves time for busy families

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By Mark van Tol

(NC)-The kids are heading back to school and you're busy with work … it's a stressful time for many Canadian families. For working parents, finding quick and easy meal solutions for the kids can be a challenge. It seems you just get in the door and the kids are already looking for something to eat. Patience can wear thin, as you desperately try to get a meal on the table in record speed.

The microwave is undoubtedly one of the kitchen's best time-savers. It's great for defrosting foods, reheating leftovers, and preparing many side dishes, such as pastas, and vegetables. It has really changed how Canadians plan and cook their meals.

However, there are many foods you simply can't prepare in the microwave, or where you have to sacrifice taste for speed. The texture of some foods can become soggy or dry.

The newest innovation in meal preparation is infrared technology, which combines both speed and great taste. Infrared ovens harness the power of light waves to produce light-textured, golden, browned and sizzling food the same way a conventional oven can, but up to 50 per cent faster. Until recently this type of technology was only used in restaurants, where speed and great taste are essential, but it is now available to all Canadians. A countertop infrared oven can quickly cook side dishes, bake homemade rolls or favourite desserts, bake casseroles, roast a tenderloin or even broil steaks.

When using an infrared oven, keep in mind that you should use ovenproof ceramic, metal or glass bakeware, just like you would use in your regular oven.

"Our InfraWave Speed Oven can be a real time saver for any busy family," says Yvethe Rodriguez of Black & Decker. "Its many pre-programmed options include many of your children's favourite foods and snacks, such as chicken nuggets, wings, pizza, and cookies Not only does the oven significantly cut your cooking time, there is also no preheating required - saving you more time. Use your Infrawave for anything you would make in a conventional oven; it even has a handy Convert function, which you can use to convert your favourite recipes to faster Infrawave time."

Pizza cooked from frozen is ready in about 15 minutes. Frozen chicken nuggets are ready in about 8 minutes, and chicken wings are ready in 10 minutes. And imagine a child's delight in getting freshly baked chocolate chip cookies… you don't need to tell them it only took 7 minutes to make.

So when you're looking for fast meal preparation, an infrared oven can really be the answer, and a great time saver for the busy family.

Now if only it could help with homework.