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Search Engine Marketing is a broad term that refers to marketing a company through Search Engines. These days, many companies in Burnaby have started to adopt Search Engine Marketing techniques to promote their products and services to their potential online customers.

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Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

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The difference between Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

Author: Sunil Punjabi

The effectiveness of a SEM strategy is largely dependent on the conversion ratio of traffic rate to the service/products bought by the customers via the website. The higher the conversion rates, better it would be for the company's fortune and vice versa. Pay-per-click marketing or PPC as it is often referred to is one of the most used Search Engine Marketing methods around the globe. There are many Internet Marketing Companies who are already making use of this method to their advantage. PPC is widely used in different areas including Search Engine result pages, blogs, advertising networks and websites. All these areas contribute significantly to the overall success of the PPC program. These programs work in a slightly different way. The advertisers will pay only when the visitors click on the advertisements.

The key to success in a PPC program is finding the right keywords that will go well your target markets. In fact, the advertisers bid on these keywords to get the right ones for theirs advertisements. Getting the right words or phrases is very important to the ad campaign of the advertiser. If a visitor uses the keyword or phrases in the search box of a search engine that matches with the keyword of the advertiser, the advertisements will get displayed along with the search results. Under these circumstances, the visitor is more likely to click on the ad. This clicking act will in turn increase your ad revenues. Just imagine, if you start receiving hundreds of unique visitors each day; the amount you could end up making!

As compared to SEM, 'Internet Marketing Services' is a far broader term. IMS includes a whole lot of things related to Internet and more. What's more, it incorporates the technical and creative aspects of the internet. In addition to this, it also covers website design, advertising, development, and sales. IMS doesn't necessarily mean creating websites and promoting them widely. It also doesn't mean placing innumerable ads across Internet. It is much more than that. In fact, there has to be a long-term goal to succeed in IMS. These goals have to incorporate the company's business model, sales goal, website details, and its appearance and so on. You need to select right kind of advertising media while focusing in IMS.

Internet as a medium is really inexpensive and can cover wider sections of people across the globe. Irrespective of what service or product you have on offer, it can be marketed well on the Internet and well within your budget. Considering all these aspects it is not so difficult to understand the importance of IMS in the world of advertisement. These programs play a very important role in getting you the results you had always aspired for.

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