It's time for a "mancation" Whitehorse YT

Guys-only holidays - or 'mancations' - are becoming more popular as men look for more time to re-connect with friends they don't have time to see. Golf outings are increasing popular, so here are ways to make sure your clubs and equipment stay safe while traveling.

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It's time for a "mancation"

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(NC)-Guys-only holidays - or 'mancations' - are becoming more popular as men look for more time to re-connect with friends they don't have time to see after work or on weekends at home.

For a stress-free holiday with the guys, golf getaways are some of the easiest to plan because your primary activity is already decided. If you choose a resort with an on-site golf course, plans are even simpler. But before you go, make sure your equipment is in proper order.

"Travelling with golf equipment can be straightforward and stress-free, as long as you take a few minutes to check your equipment and find out whether you are missing any key items," says Barry Wallis, Manager of Golf Education at Callaway Golf Canada. "Golfers accustomed to playing close to home may not realize that golf travel should involve packing a few extra things that can make or break a fun getaway."

Pack for protection

Arriving at your destination with damaged clubs is enough to ruin a holiday. To avoid damage, protect your clubs with a purpose-built golf travel bag, like Callaway's X Tour Cart Golf Bag Carrier, which features a strong outer shell with Callaway's Steelhead Club Protection system, wheels for ease of transport, and a power pull handle. And for further protection, Callaway offers the CG Tracker bag recovery program to help reunite you with your bag if it is ever lost. Details are available at

Equipment inventory

Departing on a golf trip in fall or winter can mean you may not have swung your clubs in several weeks or months. It's important to do a full check of your golf equipment before you depart. If you find any caked dirt or rust on your clubs, wash with warm, soapy water and thoroughly dry them before packing for air travel.

Call ahead

Make sure you know how many bags your airline will accept, and whether there are any rules for checking in golf equipment as luggage. Then swing away in the sun!

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