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This section of articles provides handy information on a wide variety of current Legal topics and issues. In addition, some of the most famous lawsuits are explored and analyzed.
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The Basics of Body Bunkers Whitehorse YT

A Body bunker basics Firearms tactics body bunker, often called a ballistic shield or ballistic blanket, is a handheld portable bullet-resistant shield designed to augment an officer's vest.

Crime Scene Photography Whitehorse YT

Photography logs and checklists provide valuable information when crime scene photographers are called to testify at trial regarding the authenticity of the photos.

Focus on Firearms Compliance Whitehorse YT

For a limited time, there is a new option for holders of expired firearms Possession Only Licences (POL).

Staying informed Whitehorse YT

As a firearms licence holder, you have likely noticed that your licence does not show your address. This is a security feature which prevents others ...

Benefitting from Canada's Firearms Program Whitehorse YT

The following contains legal services information you should know about how you can benefit from Canada's Firearms Program. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in legal help and advice regarding estate planning in Whitehorse.

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About Practice Building Secrets Whitehorse YT

In today's competitive marketplace, it is no surprise that you are working longer hours for fewer returns. You may find yourself with too many demands on your time, helping everyone else and leaving no time for yourself.

Address changes Whitehorse YT

Have you ever wondered why your address is not on your firearms licence? It's a security feature. Someone who finds a lost licence could easily deter ...

Are You an Adrenaline Addict? Whitehorse YT

The following contains health and medical information you should know about how to determine if you are addicted to your own adrenaline. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in personal treatment and health in Whitehorse.

Areas of Corporate Practice Whitehorse YT

A corporation is a legal entity created through the laws of its state of incorporation. Individual states make laws relating to the creation, organization and dissolution of corporations. The law treats a corporation as a legal "person" that has standing to sue and be sued, distinct from its stockholders.

Attorney For Tractor Trailer Accident Whitehorse YT

The odds are against you when you re involved in a collision with a semi tractor trailer. First, if you're occupying a car, riding a bike or walking, you're likely to be seriously injured or killed. Second, if the collision was caused by a truck driver or truck owner s negligence, you face an uphill battle to ensure that the negligent driver and his employer compensate you fairly for your damages including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Avoiding Construction Accidents Whitehorse YT

The construction zone can be a dangerous work environment. Accidents occur every year; if an accident happens to you, a construction accident lawyer in Whitehorse can help you work through the legal process.

Becoming a Criminal Lawyer Whitehorse YT

Criminal lawyers are an integral part of the legal system. The role of a criminal lawyer is not limited to only offering legal assistance in a criminal case. Criminal lawyers are also effective counselors who help their clients understand how criminal law can be applied in the best way for the situation they are in. Since the choice of criminal lawyers can be the difference between winning and losing a case, it is essential that people understand criminal law and the factors they must consider while hiring a lawyer.

Benefitting from Canada's Firearms Program Whitehorse YT

The following contains legal services information you should know about how you can benefit from Canada's Firearms Program. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in legal help and advice regarding estate planning in Whitehorse.

Build Your Practice by Nurturing Your Clients and Referral Sources Whitehorse YT

If you look around you, you'll notice a network of people already in place who are referral sources. These individuals offer a wealth of opportunities for increasing business.

Capabilities of a Criminal Defense Attorney Whitehorse YT

When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, there are some things to look for before deciding on the one that will benefit your defense. The type of criminal offense you are facing will be one considering factor, as well as the criminal defense lawyer's reputation and location.

Car Accident Whitehorse YT

Car accident is the most devastating form of personal injury. Not only car, but bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or even boat accident can result in severe injuries and even death.

Child Custody Battles Whitehorse YT

Child custody is a difficult issue, and often one of the most heart wrenching when a couple divorces. There are many options for child custody, and often, if the parents agree, they may choose how custody is divided within the parameters of child custody law. If they cannot agree, the courts will use child custody law to make the arrangements it feels are in the best interests of the child.

Choosing Legal Representative For Brain Injury Whitehorse YT

In its most extreme form, a loved one who has experienced a brain injury may be in a coma or a persistent vegetative state; this is where the brain injury victim is unable to regain consciousness and brain activity is low.

Civil Litigation Practice Areas Whitehorse YT

There are as many kinds of civil litigation practice as there are areas of law. Some lawyers are general litigators, while others specialize in a particular field. In this article, we take a look at family and matrimonial law.

Claim Compensation For Motorcycle Accident Whitehorse YT

Those who have owned a motorcycle know what a wonderful feeling and experience it is to ride one. They will also be fully aware of how risky driving a motorcycle can be, which is part of the thrill unfortunately. Having a motorcycle accident compared to a car accident is completely different story.

Coaches' Corner On Cross-Selling An Existing Client Base Whitehorse YT

The "age-wave revolution" brought by the sheer number of aging baby boomers -- and their changing need for goods and services -- is now upon us.

Coaches' Corner On Getting Out From Under Paperwork Whitehorse YT

The average American executive loses six weeks a year trying to retrieve information from paper-laden desks and misplaced files.

Coaches' Corner On Managing Interruptions Whitehorse YT

A typical day at the office for me is one interruption after the other. I come in; start working on something important and get interrupted constantly by my staff, my partners and, of course, the telephone.

Coaches' Corner On Managing Professional Reading Whitehorse YT

First review the different publications that you receive. This probably won't be difficult because, if you are like most attorneys, they are all in a pile somewhere in your office. You should automatically toss publications that you consider either fluff, or generally not useful to your practice. Notice which ones you never read and have your secretary cancel those subscriptions.

Coaches' Corner On Managing Staff Better Whitehorse YT

Does this sound familiar? You arrive at your office early, intent on tackling the open files you worked on until 9:00 p.m. the night before. No sooner do you get down to business than the phone begins to ring. There's no one but you to take the call.

Coaches' Corner On Overcoming Procrastination Whitehorse YT

A very common reason we procrastinate is that we simply do not like certain tasks.

Coaches' Corner On Prioritizing & "To Do List" Whitehorse YT

Prioritization is a critical component of successful practice management. Attorneys often find themselves overwhelmed by demands, and this anxiety begins each morning as they look at a to-do list that seems inexhaustible. They choose a task to begin and hope that nothing else falls through the cracks.

Compensation For Accident Types Whitehorse YT

There are numerous types of accidents that happen to people – and many victims are left confused over whether they can justifiably make a compensation claim.

Confidentiality And Non disclosure Agreements Whitehorse YT

In today's business world, confidentiality and non disclosure agreements are becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to protect themselves from damaging leaks.

Copyright On The Tracks Whitehorse YT

The origins of the free software movement can be traced back to to the hackers of MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club, but more recently model railways have played a significant part in validating copyright law.

Corporate Law Whitehorse YT

One associate explains his decision to go to law school: "I picked law because the option of going to law school is the simplest sort of big-picture planning around. That is, you sign up, then follow the rules and a path is laid out for you to follow. As long as you can work hard and more or less intelligently, signing up for law school resolves the 'what the hell do I do now?' question pretty well."

Creating Order from Chaos Whitehorse YT

A few years ago attorney Lee Elam of Brandon, Fla. was thinking of slowing down, retiring and selling his business. After decades as a sole practitioner he felt it might be time to have a little fun and stop working so hard.

Crime Scene Photography Whitehorse YT

Photography logs and checklists provide valuable information when crime scene photographers are called to testify at trial regarding the authenticity of the photos.

Criminal and Civil Law Differences Whitehorse YT

Most people don't differentiate between civil law and criminal law, partly because the majority of news coverage in the media is dedicated to criminal law cases.

Dealing with Brain Injuries Whitehorse YT

Brain injuries occur for a variety of reasons and can have a devastating effect on the lives of those who suffer them, as well as the lives of their families. When such injuries result in brain injury lawsuits, it is important to seek the specialist help that brain injury lawyers in Whitehorse can provide.

Dealing With Emergencies At Home Whitehorse YT

Ensure that all the up to the minute personal and medical information is available in a special pack, clearly marked to ensure that the right care and attention is administered.

Divorce Whitehorse YT

While divorce is often a painful and lonely experience, anyone in Whitehorse going through this difficult time has many resources at their fingertips.

Divorce Terms Whitehorse YT

The following glossary contains home services terms and information you should know about divorce. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in reference guidance in family and legal services in Whitehorse.

Drafting Internet Advertising Agreements Whitehorse YT

These are the most important provisions of an Internet Advertising Agreement. Other provisions covering Cancellation and Termination Limitation of Advertiser's Liability, Indemnification, and Advertiser's Right to Reject Advertising may also be included.

DUI/DWI Lawyer Whitehorse YT

Sometimes we all make mistakes and may need the assistance of a DWI or DUI lawyer if charged with a violation of DUI law or DWI laws. While no one should drive under the influence, if you have been charged, learning more about the DWI laws in your state is a critical step as you work to take responsibility and move forward after this incidence.

Family Law Whitehorse YT

Family law encompasses a wide range of issues at the local, state and national level that involve issues within the home. This type of law is emotional for all parties involved and issues within its purview take longer to resolve because of appeals by defeated litigants. Family state laws are important for anyone who has children, a spouse and concern about their financial future. You need to keep family legal issues in mind as they enter into binding agreements.

Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes Whitehorse YT

The most serious types of crimes are referred to as felonies. The usual definition is that a felony is any crime that may be punished by more than a year s imprisonment, or death. A crime that has a maximum sentence of a monetary fine, or a short period of confinement in the local jail is not a felony.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer Whitehorse YT

For married couples that have made the decision to get a divorce, the days, months and possibly years to follow can be extremely emotionally and physically turbulent. Divorce lawyers can provide a multitude of services that include calming, professional courtroom expertise, and help in obtaining protection from abusive situations.

Firearms licence renewals Whitehorse YT

One thing all firearms owners must remember is to renew their firearms licence on time.

Firearms safety training leads to a safer Canada Whitehorse YT

Canadians have a long history of safe firearms use. Proper training for those who wish to acquire firearms is an essential part of that tradition.

Focus on Firearms Compliance Whitehorse YT

For a limited time, there is a new option for holders of expired firearms Possession Only Licences (POL).

Four Journeys Through Setback and Success Whitehorse YT

You attended law school to learn about law, then did your time as an associate to discover the practice of law.

Getting Yourself Out of Management Prision: Ten Practical Tips Whitehorse YT

There are two fundamentally different management styles: reactive and proactive. One can imprison you; the other can give you freedom and success in your practice.

Grand Slam Marketing! Can a Coach Make you a Better Rainmaker Whitehorse YT

Self-improvement is no easy task. As any psychologist will tell you, behavior modification in the higher species normally involves positive reinforcement, or negative reinforcement, or negative reinforcement in the form of a few memorable jolts of electricity.

Head Injury And Compensation Claims Whitehorse YT

The causes of head injuries are multitudinous. The most common cause of head injury is as the result of a road traffic accident. However, there is a risk of a head injury accident at work, when playing sports or even in extreme cases as the result of a physical attack.

Honing the Juggling Act Whitehorse YT

Jeffrey Loeb used to feel obliged to divide his attention on a daily basis. Even in the midst of a demanding trial, he had to look ahead to other cases, return phone calls, handle administrative and staff issues and manage his office.

How To Choose Law Firm For Brain Injury Whitehorse YT

If you are reading this article because a family member has recently suffered a serious brain injury, your family will be facing a wide range of conflicting emotions and considerable distress as you come to terms with the consequences of such a serious accident.

How To Find Personal Injury Lawyer Whitehorse YT

There are many injuries that you are legally allowed to receive compensation for and navigating the insurance companies and legal system requires good professional help in Whitehorse. Read this article and know more.

How To Incorporate Whitehorse YT

The most important thing to remember when forming a corporation is that, legally, it is a separate entity from the individuals who own or operate it.

How To Make A Dog Attack Compensation Claim Whitehorse YT

People who are suffering from dog attack related damages may be qualified to seek out for compensation. The coverage of this compensation will pay for medications and other fees which may be required for future use, as well as those already paid for.

Immigration Lawyer Whitehorse YT

Immigration law covers a broad spectrum of issues, from U.S. citizenship, loss of citizenship, and the admission and removal of illegal aliens, from obtaining visas and green cards to seeking refugee status and fighting deportation. Immigration laws can be very complex and overlap other legal fields, and immigration issues frequently require interpretation and clarification. This sometimes must be done through test cases heard before a judge who will decide on specific points of law. An immigration lawyer is the person who can best help with problems related to these issues. As well as being complex, immigration laws are constantly changing. Immigration is governed and administered by three major US government agencies and requires input from many other agencies. Because of this it is very important to hire a lawyer with specialist knowledge of all aspects of immigration.

Injury Lawyers Whitehorse YT

Injury lawyers also have to fight a sad stereotype of the “ambulance chaser.” Again, these types of lawyers do exist checking with hospitals, police station call logs, etc. to get their business leads. But don’t let a few unethical professionals spoil the whole bunch.

Is Your Practice Working For You? Whitehorse YT

The following contains business services information you should know about how to determine if your practice is working for you. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in running a productive, successful business in Whitehorse.

Lawyer For Worker Compensation Whitehorse YT

Worker's Compensation is a program that is available, and usually mandatory, for most businesses in Whitehorse. It is there to protect the business in the event that an employee is hurt on the job. If an employee is injured at work, it is up to the business to pay all the medical bills.

Learning To Act Unprofessional Whitehorse YT

It seems that in the eyes of the public, the "professions," as they used to be called, have become occupations just like any others. And we "professionals" have lost our special status - and much of the respect that went with it.

Lemon Law Whitehorse YT

Buyers of new cars, used cars, trucks, vans, RV's, motor homes, and more are covered in all states by the lemon law. This law is in effect to protect consumers from vehicles, and even some other products, that are defective. Knowing what you are protected from is the first step to understanding if you may have a lemon law case. In this article, the different aspects of the lemon laws will be examined.

Living with Cerebral Palsy Whitehorse YT

Estimates have shown that 750,000 Americans are affected by Cerebral Palsy each year: a disorder that can, in some cases be completely prevented. Cerebral Palsy is an incurable disorder involving muscle coordination issues, varying from mild to extreme in terms of severity. There are different methods for treating the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy and if someone gets Cerebral Palsy due to an error on the part of a medical practitioner, Cerebral Palsy attorneys in Whitehorse may be able to sue the professional responsible for compensation.

Marketing Ideas to Make the Most of the Holiday Season Whitehorse YT

With the holidays upon us, it is a perfect opportunity to build greater rapport with those you know and begin relationships with others. Remember that strong referrals come from people with whom you have built a relationship of mutual rapport, trust and confidence. Take some time this season to acknowledge clients, referral sources and peers.

Marketing Yourself to Attract Profitable Clients Whitehorse YT

With the exception of managing your time well, the single most important skill in ensuring your success is the ability to attract profitable clients.

Medical Negligence Claims Whitehorse YT

When you go to a hospital for medical treatment, you assume that you will be taken care of by professionals in an appropriate manner. In no way would you expect to contract a nasty virus and end up more sick than you were when you got to the hospital. However, it does happen.

MICR Toner Printing Whitehorse YT

Have you ever noticed the line of numbers printed at the bottom of each check in your checkbook? This part of your check is special because it is printed using a special type of ink. The line, called the MICR line, is unique line because it is printed with a specific type of ink, called an MICR toner. Read on and learn more.

Motivating Employees Through Games At Work Whitehorse YT

How can a group of strangers show up on a basketball court for a pick-up game and within an hour assemble themselves into a winning team? How can your staff work together for years and often fail to achieve the simplest goals?

Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs Whitehorse YT

Motor vehicle accidents occur very often so in this article we will compile a small FAQ on the main law related question that most people ask after an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Whitehorse YT

The injuries in motorcycle accidents often involve a head injury and those killed as a result of a motorcycle accident more likely than not died as result of a severe head injury.

Options After Personal Injury Or Accident Whitehorse YT

The subtleness often makes people indecisive. Quite natural! Pains and sufferings make the victims so much compromised that they cannot think anything other than medical care and treatment. Mental trauma adds to the suffering.

Parole and Probation Whitehorse YT

Unfortunately, the world we live in is one of crime and an imperfect criminal justice system. Whether because of circumstance, upbringing, bad decisions, substance abuse, or sheer bad timing and coincidence, all of us find ourselves in situations we'd rather not be in throughout our lives; some of us find ourselves in situations rather worse than that of most people. One of those situations is found in the event of receiving a jail sentence. On top of the punishment itself, the stigmatism of having a prison record can make life very difficult - but, of course, in prison, one can't earn a serious wage at all.

Paying Child Support Whitehorse YT

There are many reasons that you might ask the mother or father of your child to pay child support. Most of the time, the law will dictate the child support. Many people get child support after they have gone through a divorce. They also might get child support if the mother or father of their child is not present in the life of the child in the way that they should be. In some situations, you might be responsible for making child support payments, or you could be the one who is asking for child support for your own children. No matter who is paying the child support, it is important that you understand how it works. For many families, child support is a major source of income for the child. Often, a child's life is made much better because of child support.

Personal Injury Claims Whitehorse YT

Auto accidents are the most common type of incidents giving rise to personal injury claims requiring the hiring of a personal injury attorney. Besides auto accidents there are other common accidents which include bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents or even boat accidents all of which can result in severe personal injuries and death.

Personal Injury Compensation Whitehorse YT

First of all let me tell you a little bit about what constitutes a personal injury. If you are a victim of an accident in Whitehorse that should have been avoided if the right procedures were followed and the accident happened through no fault of your own then you will have suffered a personal injury.

Planning Productive Meetings Whitehorse YT

There are three kinds of meetings that most of us will conduct: those with clients, those with staff and those with partners or associates. These meetings can either be an expensive exercise in frustration or highly productive.

Protecting Digital Brands Whitehorse YT

While digital asset management is a well worn concept, it has entered the 21st century with far more vigour and intent. Every organisation is involved with a website, print advertisements, promotional videos and brochures, as well as a raft of other marketing materials.

Protecting Intellectual Property Whitehorse YT

The call to Bob Bailey, an IT executive with a major government contractor, came on an otherwise ordinary day in October 2003. "Why are you attacking us?" demanded the caller, an IT leader with a Silicon Valley manufacturer. He wanted to know why Bailey's company had launched a denial-of-service attack against his network.

Raising Morale - Propelling Employee Satisfaction To New Heights Whitehorse YT

In today's highly competitive job market it is more important than ever to make sure that everyone at your firm, from legal secretaries to associates, is happy with the firm and his or her place in it. One way to increase employee satisfaction and boost morale is with periodic "rewards."

Ranking Your Clients: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Whitehorse YT

One of your most important skills as an attorney is the ability to attract clients.

Read on - These may benefit you Whitehorse YT

The Minister of Public Safety recently announced initiatives intended to make Canada safer by facilitating and increasing compliance with the Firearm ...

Results of a Breach of Contract Whitehorse YT

Most business arrangements should be entered into with the signing of a contract. Unfortunately, there are times when a contract may be breached. It is important to know what to do in these cases. There are many forms of a breached contract, and different ways to get restitution.

Role Of Computer Forensics In Industrial Espionage Whitehorse YT

The most obvious way of industrial espionage is by stealing computer hard disks, laptops, or by intrusion into the office of the competition. There is software available which can be installed in the system network of the competition to record key strokes.

Safe storage of firearms helps everyone. Whitehorse YT

Canada has very strict safe-storage laws for firearms, and for good reason. "Storing firearms safely is essential to keeping Canadian homes and commu ...

Sexual Harassment Whitehorse YT

Sexual harassment is a major problem in today's world. It can take many forms, ranging from direct to indirect. In any case, it causes the victims of sexual harassment upset, stress, and even fear. Victims may fear reporting sexual harassment, worrying about repercussions in their own lives.

Staying informed Whitehorse YT

As a firearms licence holder, you have likely noticed that your licence does not show your address. This is a security feature which prevents others ...

Studying Criminal Law Whitehorse YT

This article is an overview of what a criminal law defendant can expect from being questioned by the police all the way through sentencing if found guilty.

Taking Care of a Dog Bite Whitehorse YT

A dog bite injury is a serious injury, which can be disfiguring and cause serious emotional trauma. People in Whitehorse who are badly bitten by a dog need a dog bite attorney to help them make sense of the laws.

Taking Care of Burn Injuries Whitehorse YT

We live in a world full of energy. Whether that energy is traveling ninety three million miles from the surface of the sun or a fraction of an inch between a hot stove and your fingers, that energy can sometimes be harmful. When it is, it's a good idea to know what to do and where in Whitehorse to seek for help.

The Adoption Process Whitehorse YT

Many couples are choosing to expand their families through adoption. Learn the process and legalities surrounding adopting a child.

The Art of Delegating Whitehorse YT

At the brink of the twentieth century, the legal profession looked very different than it does today. Most attorneys practiced alone and the idea of support staff was almost unheard of. In those times, delegation was not an important skill to be cultivated.

The Basics of Body Bunkers Whitehorse YT

A Body bunker basics Firearms tactics body bunker, often called a ballistic shield or ballistic blanket, is a handheld portable bullet-resistant shield designed to augment an officer's vest.

Trademark License Agreements Whitehorse YT

Properly thought out and managed trademark license arrangements can be win win opportunities for all parties, including the public. The document that goes a long way toward realizing this opportunity is the trademark license agreement.

Trademark Services and Registration Whitehorse YT

In today's world of billions of people with billions of individual needs and trillions of dollars to spend on quadrillions of options, there's economic potential for practically everything. Selling water balloons, or painted rocks, or stocks, or cars, or antique aircrafts is easy and profitable these days, especially with the introduction of the Internet to the global economic market place. The problem, of course, is that increased economic involvement also means increased competition. If you want to really make it in the modern business world, the first step is simple: you have to make yourself a corporation.

Traumatic Brain Injury Whitehorse YT

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is caused when physical trauma injures the brain. A TBI is also known as intracranial injury. Traumatic brain injury is a major cause of death and disability throughout the world, and is one of the leading causes of death among people under age 45.

Understanding Incorporations Whitehorse YT

Incorporations around Whitehorse are done every day for a multitude of reasons including taxes, liability, stock sharing ownership, and personal preference. A corporation can be formed in all 50 of the United States and internationally as in Gibraltar, the Bahamas, and Liechtenstein. There are also various types of corporations, and each has very specific reasons for their use.

Understanding Legal Transcription Whitehorse YT

The definition of transcription is quite multifaceted, and can mean and refer to a variety of things. First, genetic transcription refers to the process of reproducing DNA to RNA through the RNA polymerize enzyme. Second, transcription can be musical in nature, essentially involving the process of rewriting or recopying a musical piece or number. Finally, transcription in the linguistic sense refers to the process of converting or transferring spoken language into written language, or written language into another written medium.

Understanding Litigation Whitehorse YT

Litigation is a process sometimes known as a lawsuit. This court proceeding can occur for a number of reasons, and often requires the use of a professional litigation lawyer.

Understanding Malpractice Whitehorse YT

A legal malpractice case is usually a difficult scenario for both the client and the lawyer. These cases represent a professional relationship that has seriously gone wrong. Pitting a lawyer against another lawyer that questions the ethics and skill of a colleague can be a sensitive matter. If you feel that you have been wrongfully treated by your attorney, there are dedicated legal malpractice lawyers that can handle your case. It is important for every individual to educate himself on the process, costs, consequences, and likely circumstances before pushing through with this kind of case.

Understanding Medical Malpractice Whitehorse YT

Some individuals experience unfortunate injuries as the result of not getting adequate or proper treatment from a doctor or a hospital in Whitehorse. The result is termed medical malpractice and often ends up becoming one of many medical malpractice lawsuits filed each year. With the help of medical malpractice attorneys in Whitehorse, those that have suffered an injury or loss can get the compensation they rightly deserve.

Understanding Motor Vehicle Accidents Whitehorse YT

A car accident can be very traumatic and sometimes hard to deal with. Dealing with a motor vehicle accident is particularly difficult for those people in Whitehorse that have never been in any previous accidents and are not sure what procedures are involved in the aftermath of an accident.

Understanding Nursing Home Neglect Whitehorse YT

A look at what constitutes nursing home neglect and what many people can do in order to prevent, limit, and combat the problem that senior citizens and the disabled can encounter in nursing homes around Whitehorse.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents Whitehorse YT

The main intent of this article is to lay out several important things you should know about pedestrian accidents, such as the nature of them, how to avoid them, and what to do if you've already been involved in one.

Understanding Product Liability Whitehorse YT

Product liability refers to the manufacturers and others in the product chain who are financially liable when consumers suffer injuries as a result of defective or dangerous products.

Understanding Registered Agent Services Whitehorse YT

Businesses that are not based on a sole proprietorship must have a registered agent available to handle and effectively deal with corporate or partnership documentation. All the states demand that such businesses have a registered agent. Finding a registered agent is easy if the business knows what to look for in terms of quality services.

Understanding Slip And Fall Injury Whitehorse YT

If you slip and fall in someone's home or place of business in Whitehorse other than your own, you may have a case to file a slip and fall lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances, if the party who owns the business or residence you were injured in is found to be negligent, it could mean some financial assistance for your injuries and pain.

Understanding the Legal World: Mesothelioma Whitehorse YT

The increased incidence of mesothelioma, the asbestos-related malignant cancer, has shocked and angered victims and their families around the world and resulted in numerous lawsuits against asbestos companies and manufacturers. While a gradual decline in mesothelioma cases is predicted over the next few decades, many people are still facing suffering and death as a result of the disease, which, by the time it is diagnosed, is usually incurable.

Understanding the Legal World: Mesothelioma Glossary Whitehorse YT

The following glossary contains home services terms and information you should know about Mesothelioma Read on if you or a loved one is interested in reference guidance in legal services in Whitehorse.

Understanding the Power of Attorney Whitehorse YT

Having power of attorney arranged before you need it is an important part of your overall estate planning. While the laws about power of attorney vary depending on where you live, some overall aspects of filling in power of attorney forms and choosing your agent apply no matter where you are located.

Understanding Train Accidents Whitehorse YT

This article is an investigation of train accidents, what the most common causes are, and what to do if one is involved in such a catastrophe.

Understanding Vioxx Lawsuit Whitehorse YT

On September 30, 2004, US drug company Merck announced the immediate withdrawal of its popular painkiller Vioxx. Citing an "increased relative risk for confirmed cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke" for the withdrawal, Merck soon received thousands of lawsuits.

Understanding Wrongful Death Whitehorse YT

Wrongful death is asserted when someone dies because of someone else's negligence or misconduct. This someone else may be a person, a company or a combination of an organization and the people that represent it.

Understanding Your Profitable Clients Whitehorse YT

Lawyers succeeded in the past by being good lawyers - good technicians. Today, being a good lawyer isn't enough. Lawyers must also become good marketers.

Undiagnosed Brain Injuries Whitehorse YT

Even apparently minor trauma to the head can lead to brain injury that can have a profound and debilitating affect on people's lives in Whitehorse. Mild head trauma can leave the victim outwardly unaffected, often brain injury goes unnoticed, and in many cases this can mean that brain injury is either misdiagnosed or left untreated.

Vehicle Accidents And Role Of Lawyers Whitehorse YT

Vehicle accidents generally occur as a result of human error in the operation of vehicles, the design of roads, and the manufacturing and maintenance of vehicles.

Visitation Rights Whitehorse YT

When a child is involved in a divorce, visitation rights are usually determined by the courts. Visitation rights are negotiated with the courts and family lawyers. Visitation rights are simply the time allotted to each of the significant people in the child's life.

What is a Franchise Agreement Whitehorse YT

How To Turn A Franchise Agreement To Your Advantage

What's in a document? Whitehorse YT

Many firearm owners are not entirely clear about what documentation is required to possess firearms legally.

When Cost Of Car Insurance Becoming A Problem Whitehorse YT

When the latest quotes for your car insurance hit the doormat you may need to sit down before you open them: motor insurance premiums have more than doubled since 1994 and, over the last year alone, fully comprehensive and third party insurance premiums have gone up 5.9.

Who Will Succeed In The Year 2000 And Beyond Whitehorse YT

IN A PROFESSION that would make the movement of glaciers appear fast, these are certainly interesting times. Change in the legal profession is happening more quickly that most of us expected.