Life Expectancy of Mesothelioma Diagnosis Iqaluit NU

Mesotheloima is a fatal disease and most victims do not survive beyond around one year after diagnosis, depending on the treatment and other contributing factors.

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Life Expectancy of Mesothelioma Diagnosis

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Mesothelioma Life Expectancy-What are your chances of survival?

Author: Bello kamorudeen

What is mesothelioma prognosis?

Also other factors that determine prognosis include the type of treatment, the histological {cellular type} type of mesothelioma as well as patient’s general state of health and morale. The stage of the disease during diagnosis is another crucial factor that decides the prognosis and the minimum survival expectancy of the victim.

The traditional kinds of treatments are also prevalent in case of malignant mesothelioma include Radiation therapy which uses high-energy X-rays to eradicate cancer cells and chemotherapy which tries to destroy the cancer cells with the use of anticancer drugs. Other forms of newer treatment options include Immunotherapy which helps to strengthen the immune system and photodynamic therapy that uses light energy while the genetic therapy resurrects the inherent genetic defects of the patient to fight the disease.

When these treatment modalities are appropriately combined in the treatment of Mesothelioma especially in cases that are detected early, they can increase your 5 year life expectancy up to 10%.

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