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One question that some men have is can exercise gain muscle. The answer can be yes and no depending on the type of exercise which is used. Certain types of exercise can lead to muscle development while other types of exercise do not tend to lead to muscle development.

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Muscle Building Exercises

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Intense Daily Workout May Prevent Cancer

WEDNESDAY, July 29 (HealthDay News) -- Increased oxygen consumption associated with moderate- to high-intensity exercise appears to reduce the risk of cancer, a new study has found.

The Finnish study included 2,560 men, aged 42 to 61, whose leisure-time physical activity was assessed over one year. None of the men had a history of cancer, according to the report published online July 28 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

During an average follow-up of 16 years, 181 of the men died from cancer. Those who engaged in moderate- to high-intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes a day were 50 percent less likely to develop cancer compared with the other men.

The researchers found that an increase of 1.2 metabolic units (oxygen consumption) was related to a decreased risk of cancer death, especially in lung and gastrointestinal cancers, after they took into account factors such as age, smoking, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and fiber/fat intake.

"The intensity of leisure-time physical activity should be at least moderate so that beneficial effect of physical activity for reducing overall cancer mortality can be achieved," the study authors wrote in a news release.

More information

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has more about cancer prevention.

SOURCE: BMJ Specialist Journals, news release, July 28, 2009

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Exercise and Muscle

Can Exercise Gain Muscle?

Author: M. Powers

One question that some men have is can exercise gain muscle. The answer can be yes and no depending on the type of exercise which is used. Certain types of exercise can lead to muscle development while other types of exercise do not tend to lead to muscle development.

How can Exercise Gain Muscle?

The actual process of developing muscle through any form of strength training is far less complex than most people assume. The answer to the question of how can exercise gain muscle is as simple as it causes damage and fatigue to the muscle. This may seem a bit confusing to some people. When your muscles are damaged your body does what it does for nearly any part of the body which is damaged. It goes to work on repairing the damage. The reason exercising leads to increased strength and muscle is because the body naturally tends to try to improve the resilience of any part it repairs. This is done with the goal of preventing future damage. So when a man exercised and damages and wears his muscles down his muscles, his body repairs those muscles and makes them stronger and larger in the process.

Why Gain Muscle?

Most men want to gain more muscle. There are many benefits to improving muscle tone. Most men feel a lot more confident when they are in good physical shape. It tends to give them a more positive view of their physical appearance. It also benefits many men during their average day at work. By strengthening their muscles they will often find that physical labor such as heavy lifting and moving which they may perform at work is not as tiring. In many cases by gaining muscle mass men can also complete these types of tasks more rapidly.

What Exercises can lead to Muscle Development?

Now that the question of how can exercise gain muscle has been explained it is important to consider what types of exercises can actually achieve this. While understanding how can exercise gain muscle is important it is also important to put that knowledge into practice. There are many different types of exercise but they almost all fall into one of two major categories. There are cardio vascular exercises and strength training exercises. Cardio vascular exercise is rarely designed to improve muscles.

Certain cardio vascular exercises, such as running, can help to develop certain muscles in the legs and arms. Most offer very little strength training however. Strength training on the other hand is not designed so much to burn calories as to weaken and wear down the muscles. This in turn leads to the body repairing and developing new muscles. Over time proper and consistent strength training can lead to muscle development. When using strength training it is important to remember some important rules.

Never try to strength train every day. This will prevent the body from repairing the muscles and could actually lead to strength reduction. It is also important to eat a well balanced and healthy diet which is rich in all the appropriate nutrients to meet your body's needs. An increase in protein intake is also a good idea to compensate for the additional protein being used by the body to repair the muscles.

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