Natural Treatments for Eczema Charlottetown PE

Anyone who has eczema in Charlottetown will be familiar with the uncontrollable itch, the sleepless, restless nights and the limitations that this skin condition brings. They will also undoubtedly know about the endless prescriptions for steroid-based skin creams that only work temporarily and are dubious in their safety.

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Natural Treatments for Eczema

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Treating Eczema with Alternative Care

Because conventional medicine does not offer a cure for eczema, many individuals have turned to alternative care and nutrition. Whether these treatments work for eczema is not known because all the reports are anecdotal. The following are alternatives available for individuals with eczema:

Nutrition and Dietary Supplements: There are many food products which can cause allergic reactions and it is important to keep a diary. The most common foods associated with allergy include peanuts, milks, fish, eggs and soy products.

To avoid allergy one should try and eat fruits, vegetables and food rich in whole grains

Gamma linolenic acid: There are claims by the nutrition industry that eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids can decrease eczema. Anecdotal reports indicate that taking supplements of primrose oil which contains essential fatty acids relieves eczema. However, these results are not universal and many individuals claim no improvement.

Probiotics: There has been a big hype about taking Probiotics like lactobacillus to treat many medical disorders, including eczema. The Probiotics maniacs claim that there are tons of "bad" bacteria in the gut and Probiotics can kill the "bad" bacteria and leave the good bacteria alone. So far, all this is speculation and there are no scientific studies which show that eczema can be treated with any such Probiotics therapy.

Sulfur: There are reports that sulfur containing soaps can help eczema. Others suggest taking sulfur baths may help. However, all these data are anecdotal reports and there are no large clinical trials done so far.

The herbal and nutrition stores sell zinc compounds for the treatment of many medical disorders including eczema. There is zero evidence that zinc deficiency is the cause of eczema and consumers of mega doses of zinc rarely get any benefit or resolution of their eczema

Miscellaneous: Selenium is touted to be a potent anti oxidant and often sold for eczema among other medical disorders. Todate, it has shown no benefit in the treatment of any condition. Selenium is still looking for a disease it can cure

Vitamins: There is trend towards vitamin Mania for every illness. At least when it comes to eczema, ingestion of vitamins does not lead to cure of eczema

The field of alternative health care is full of unproven claims. It appears that if a disease can not be cured by conventional medicine, there is always something or someone in alternative care who has a cure.

Todate, alternative care has not been backed up by much scientific evidence and all its reports remain anecdotal. In the field of medicine, word of mouth is an important way to boost the business and this is exactly where the filed of alternative care has always been headed.-make money

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Natural Treatment for Eczema

Try A Natural Treatment For Eczema And Avoid Side Effects

Author: Beth Collington

Anyone who has eczema will be familiar with the uncontrollable itch, the sleepless, restless nights and the limitations that this skin condition brings. They will also undoubtedly know about the endless prescriptions for steroid-based skin creams that only work temporarily and are dubious in their safety. There comes a time in every eczema sufferers life when enough is enough and a different plan of action must be sought that will deal with the problem effectively but without any nasty side effects.

As someone who suffered the relentless itch for many years, I finally constructed measures to limit the eczema flare-ups and deal with them immediately should they arise. Following are a few sound rules to abide by for a natural treatment for eczema.

In most cases, eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to something. It may be eaten or come into contact with in some other way such as inhalation or simply on the surface of the skin, causing a direct response.

Due to this, it is a good idea to find out what you are allergic to. There are different ways to to do this, the most common probably being a skin test known as a Skin Prick Test, where the suspected substances will be tested on the skin at you local doctors surgery. This is a simple test in a controlled setting and the results will be almost immediate (around 10 minutes), some may take slightly longer.

The most common non-food allergens are: dust (dust mites), perfumed products, pollen, cleaning detergents and animal hair/dander.

The most common food allergens are: nuts, wheat, dairy products, eggs, food additives, alcohol and fish.

Once you have determined the substances you have an allergy to, the next step is to completely eliminate them from your life as much as possible. There may be times where it is very difficult to avoid certain substances. However, you may find that eczema symptoms are often a build up of many allergies combined and if there are only a few occasions where you are subject to your allergen, you may be able to deal with it far easier and faster than before when following a natural treatment for eczema.

Another factor to consider is your clothing. Certain materials such as wool, leather and polyester are common offenders for aggravating or even causing eczema so try to stick to pure cotton where possible.

Always keep your skin well moisturized. Research has shown that a large percentage of eczema is caused by dry skin becoming itchy. Be careful here and make sure you are using a skin cream that is conducive with your skin type and does not cause you to become itchy or is ineffective in it's moisturization. Going for pure organic skin lotions can be a great choice. Failing that a cream which has been dermatologically tested.

Emotional upset and stress can also cause eczema. This may be a little harder to treat however, it can be done. Get plenty of exercise. This is good for stress and also has other health benefits. A long soak in the bath with lavender extract can also be great for reducing anxiety and stress.

There are many methods included in a natural treatment for eczema. For full access to these methods continue to Remedy For Eczema.

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Having suffered from eczema for 15 years and finally found a way to cure and maintain my skin, I feel qualified to pass on my advice. Remember to consult your doctor when embarking on a new treatment.

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