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Today, watching your blood sugar levels is as common as watching your weight. Poor eating habits, stress and strain, not enough exercise and an increasingly overweight population can all be primary factors for declining health.

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Natural Ways to Support Healthy Glucose Levels

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Glucose Challenge in Pregnancy

MONDAY, Aug. 24 (HealthDay News) -- A glucose challenge test given to pregnant women may also show if they have an increased risk of heart disease in the future, a new study has found.

This finding is important because doctors might be able to begin using current screening procedures for gestational diabetes to identify women who are at risk for developing heart disease later in life, the researchers said. Heart disease is the number-one killer of women in the United States and Canada.

While women with gestational diabetes -- a condition leading to temporarily high blood sugars during pregnancy -- have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those without, no one knew if mild glucose intolerance in pregnancy is associated with heart disease, the study authors noted.

Gestational diabetes is an important risk factor for future type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women are generally screened for gestational diabetes with a glucose challenge test in the second trimester. If the result is abnormal, they have an oral glucose tolerance test to confirm the diagnosis, according to information in a news release about the study, which is published in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

For the study, researchers examined data on 435,696 women in Ontario who gave birth between April 1994 and March 1998. All of the women were followed until March 31, 2008, and the study excluded women who had preexisting diabetes.

"Women who had an abnormal glucose challenge test but then did not have gestational diabetes had an increased risk of future cardiovascular disease compared to the general population, but a lower risk than women who actually did have gestational diabetes," co-author Dr. Baiju Shah, of the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, said in a news release from the journal's publisher.

More information

The American Diabetes Association has more information on gestational diabetes.

SOURCE: Canadian Medical Association Journal, news release, Aug. 24, 2009

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Natural Ways to Support Healthy Glucose Levels

Natural Ways to Support Healthy Glucose Levels

Author: Kevin Agrawal

How sweet are you? Too much sweetness in your blood can affect your health! That’s why doctors recommend that you monitor your blood sugar levels at least once a year to stay on top of fluctuating glucose levels.

Today, watching your blood sugar levels is as common as watching your weight. Poor eating habits, stress and strain, not enough exercise and an increasingly overweight population can all be primary factors for declining health. It is no wonder that people are more conscious about their health and are more inclined to make proactive choices to help maintain healthy glucose levels.

How can you support the body's natural ability to regulate normal glucose levels? Here are a few practical steps.

Regular Check-Ups
Visit your doctor at least once a year and have your glucose levels tested. If you are over 40, overweight, or have fluctuating glucose tendencies in the family, you may want to check your levels every 6 months. Checking your blood sugar regularly will help you monitor your glucose levels and take the proper proactive measures. Generally, normal sugar levels can be maintained by a healthy diet and exercise. Nutritional support through supplements is also a positive option.

A Healthy Diet
Many doctors recommend a low-fat diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Often your doctor will tell you that there is no need to stop eating sweets altogether, but limiting your calorie intake will help you to better manage your weight. Weight management is an important factor to promoting good health.

Eat a variety of colorful foods. Deep greens, reds, bright oranges, and purples—each food color has specific nutrients that are good for health. Eating a variety of foods helps to increase the nutritive value of your diet as a whole. Include whole grain foods— brown rice, cereals and brown bread instead of white. These foods contain fiber. Eating oats every day is also known to support healthy glucose levels.

Weight Management
Keeping an optimum weight prescribed for your height and age is conducive to good health. If you are overweight, consider adopting a weight management program that suits you. One good way to lose some extra pounds is by cutting back on high calorie sweets such as cookies, candies, or chips. Instead, reach for healthy snacks that make good “fillers” between meals, such as carrots, cucumbers, low-fat yogurt, green salads and fruits. You may also want to cut down on sodas which have high sugar content and replace your fluid intake with water or even Green tea, which offers multiple health benefits.

Exercise can play a significant role in supporting the body's natural conversion of glucose into energy. The aim is to be more active. You could try using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator; jogging in place while watching a TV program. Even a 30-minute brisk walk at least 5 times a week can help maintain good blood circulation.

Nutritional Support
Certain herbs and nutrients help to support the body's natural ability to convert glucose to energy. These essential nutrients include:

  • Gymnema Sylvestre. This well-known herb has been traditionally used to support the proper functioning of a healthy pancreas.
  • Vanadyl Sulfate. This nutrient assists the body to maintain healthy glucose levels .
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid. This is an antioxidant which nutritionally supports conversion of glucose into energy.
  • Banaba Leaf. This herb contains natural compounds that nutritionally support the body's natural ability to convey glucose across cell membranes.
  • Vitamins C and D. Vitamin C is known to support healthy blood glucose levels. Vitamin D is essential to help the body maintain cellular health.

Maintaining normal glucose levels is an important aspect of health. Unhealthy sugar levels can affect other organs such as the heart, the kidney and eyes. In addition to proactive, healthy lifestyle choices, nutritional supplements, like GlucoVert™ Blood Sugar Matrix, can help support the body's natural ability to regulate normal sugar levels.

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