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Cutting the bad carbs and eating the good ones is more important than exercise when it comes to having a thin body. New findings show that people who have a healthy diet can still be skinny even if they're not active. Keep reading for 3 specific steps you can do to have a thin person fast metabolism all day, including how to make an awesome organic whey breakfast.

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Natural Whey Protein

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Natural Whey Protein -- How Bad Are Bad Carbs? Worse Than No Exercise, New Findings On What Makes You Thin

Author: Gerry Morton

Let's look at the findings so you can see for yourself...

The lean Nigerians were NOT more physically active than the overweight women from Chicago. This was surprising because most of us think that thin people are more active than fat people. Not necessarily true.

What does this tell us? Even if you don't exercise, you can be slender as long as you eat unprocessed, healthy foods. But eat bad carbs and fatty protein and you'll gain weight. 

Stop eating bad carbs altogether. And stop eating other processed items as well! Processed foods make you bloat with extra water weight and give you zero nutrition. Without nutrition, your body thinks it's starving and you tend to eat more and store more fat. 

To make the best shakes, to desired smoothness: liquid (water, non-fat milk, plain soy milk or plain almond milk); natural whey isolate protein powder; good fat (omega oil, flax; green powder; fresh fruit; ice; optional essences and spices (vanilla, mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger).

Ready to give up the bad carbs so you can have a thin body whether you exercise or not? Start by shopping for your natural whey protein breakfast ingredients.

About the Author:

Gerry Morton is the CEO of EnergyFirst, leading provider of top-quality nutritional supplements and cutting-edge, science-based health and nutrition education since 1997.Click for organic whey breakfast recipes and ingredients. EnergyFirst offers 100% all-natural ProEnergy® Whey Protein Powder and other all-natural, proven ingredients, like omega 3 oil, omega 3 seed and nut mix, and green drink powder, so that you can cut out the bad carbs and get the body you want. All EnergyFirst® supplements and vitamins come with a money-back guarantee.

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