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Canadians love to finish their basements, and January is one of the peak months for do-it-yourself basement work. But before you get too excited about floor plans and wall treatments and furnishings for your new subterranean living space, you need to get familiar with some boring basics. Read More...
Business owners invest considerable time, energy, money and personal commitment into building a successful operation. Imagine, then, the devastating consequences of a fire, lawsuit, property damage, criminal activity and other crises that could happen to almost any business owner. Read More...
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Researchers say they have discovered that one of the most common amino acids in vegetable protein seems to lower blood pressure. Read More...
About half the people in Toronto who have a major stroke soon after a less serious brain event, such as a transient ischemic attack or "mini-stroke," do so within 24 hours of the minor event, a new study finds. The message here for people who have a TIA is to "seek medical attention immediately, particularly if you have either weakness or speech disturbance that lasts more than 10 minutes," said the study's senior author, Dr. Peter M. Rothwell, a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Oxford in England. Read More...
Taking aspirin reduces heart attack risk in people with no previous history of vascular disease but increases the risk of internal bleeding, say British researchers who analyzed the results of 22 clinical trials. This means the net effect in this group of patients is uncertain because the benefits and risks may cancel each other out. However, the researchers found that aspirin's benefits generally outweigh its risks among people who have vascular disease in Toronto. Read More...
Each year, 219,000 to 246,000 babies conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART) are born worldwide, says an international study that also found that the number of ART procedures increased by more than 25 percent between 2000 and 2002. Researchers analyzed 2002 data from 1,563 clinics in 53 countries but noted data were missing from a number of countries, mostly in Asia, Africa, Oceania and the West Indies. Read More...