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Accessories are to accentuate the person’s personality. Similarly rooms also require certain accessories to glorify themselves. And what's better than a contemporary piece of art in the form of a Photo frame.

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Photo Frames

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Picture Taking Basics

Just because you aren’t a professional photojournalist doesn’t mean you can’t take striking photographs. Anyone can learn basic techniques that will turn your summer vacation pictures into extraordinary images.

Focus on Subject

The subject of your photograph is the most important part of the picture—it may be a person or a spectacular part of the scenery. This is where you want the viewer’s eyes to focus and you can do this through some simple techniques.

A busy or distracting background will draw attention away from the subject. When you take a picture, look at the entire viewfinder and not just the subject. Ensure there isn’t a tree growing from someone’s head or something distracting going on in the background. A plain background tends to show off the subject.

Make sure your subject is in focus. This is especially important if your subject isn’t in the center of your picture. Point and click cameras focus on whatever is in the center of the viewfinder. If your subject is off to one side, you’ll have to lock the focus on your subject then reposition the camera so the subject is off–center. See your camera’s owners manual to learn how to lock the focus.

Consider the Light

Light is the second most important aspect of a photograph. Whether the photographer utilizes natural light or a flash—the type, amount and location of the light source should always be considered. Different lighting can change the entire appearance of a photograph.

The bright sun can create deep shadows on the face and intensify wrinkles, scars and blemishes. When taking pictures on sunny days, it’s a good idea to use your flash to lighten your subject’s face and reduce unattractive shadows.

Overcast days often provide pleasing results without the use of a flash or other artificial light sources. If you do use a flash, try the camera’s fill–flash mode if it has one. The flash will lighten the subject’s appearance and make it stand out.

When using a flash, make sure the subject is within the flash’s range. Most cameras have a range of up to 15 feet. Check your owner’s manual for the specifics on your camera’s flash range. To be safe, don’t position your subjects further than 10 feet away.

Remember if you don’t like the light positioning on the subject, you can always move the subject or yourself. Try different angles until the light works to enhance the picture instead of take away from it.

Position Subject

The subject is the most important aspect of your photograph, but doesn’t always have to be in the center of the photo. Sometimes you can add dramatic effects to your picture simply by shifting the subject to one side or the other. Play with your pictures and see how repositioning the camera slightly can alter the image. Taking a picture of a person close up can have a completely different feel than if the person is in the distance. Sometimes the subject’s eyes or expression can tell the whole story. Don’t be afraid to get close to your subjects, whether they are people, pets or even flowers. Another tip—get down to the level of your subject. This means bending down to photograph children. This will make your photos more personable.

Sometimes tipping your camera on its side to take a vertical picture can improve the quality of the photo. Tall subjects can fill a vertical frame much better than a horizontal frame.

Candid photos make entertaining pictures, but sometimes it’s OK to direct your subjects, add props and choose locations. Hats, big ice cream cones or having the group look in the same direction with animated faces can add personality to a picture.

Remember the Basics

Many rare photo opportunities are bungled by forgetting the basics. Remember not to move the camera while taking a photo and it’s a good idea to use a tripod when shooting at night. Make sure the lens cap is off, the lens is clean and your fingers are away from the lens. In addition, it’s a good idea to carry extra batteries and memory cards or film.


Kodak, (n.d.). Top 10 tips for great pictures. Retrieved Apr. 05, 2006, from Talking Great Pictures Web site:

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Photo Frames


Author: Tom Lopez

Accessories are to accentuate the person’s personality. Similarly rooms also require certain accessories to glorify themselves. And what’s better than a contemporary piece of art in the form of a Photo frame. Most newly-weds keep a memory of their marriage in the form of their best photograph framed, in a classy photo frame and places it on their bed-side. It reminds them of their golden days and always brings a smile on the couples’ face. People want to relive all their treasured memories, day by day, without making an extra effort or so. And thus the placement of variety of photo frames in all the nooks and corners and parts of walls of the house in different styles and designs. The classy ones in wood and silver are allotted for the youth and the senior class. Teens have a jazzy class of selection. Some moments are so treasured that they become the proud moments and find place in the living-room to be appreciated by all. Gift shops have an altogether different section of photo frames because of their demand and utility. Starting from a range of Rs.50 to Rs. 15,000/- , these photo frames are gifted by kids to their friends, teenagers to their parents and adults to their colleagues and near and dear ones. There are some large photo-frames for sitting area to hang a family photo on the wall. A single piece of art on a large wall in vibrant color gives a completely different effect to the room. Photo-frames can now be designed on the computer and printed along with a favorite photo graph and then set as wall-paper on the monitor. This is an innovative style of gifting oneself. In case you want to send some photographs to your loved one then frame them in an elegant style and then send them. You are bound to get applauses for your effort and innovation. Photo frames can be used as key’s holder by attaching two- three hooks at the bottom and thus redefining keys-holders. For a wide range of variety and range of photo frames, click-on to .your search ends here.

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Author suggests to you purchase best home decor items like photo frames, candle stands, clocks, flower vases and many more.

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