Recharging back-to-school tech gadgets Saint John NB

It's that time again. Parents everywhere are getting ready for the new school year and children's growing interest in technology - for study time or ...

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Recharging back-to-school tech gadgets

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(NC)-It's that time again. Parents everywhere are getting ready for the new school year and children's growing interest in technology - for study time or fun time - is rapidly increasing. The latest gadgets are infiltrating children's backpacks everywhere. But while it's important that parents are up-to-date on the benefits that these tech gadgets bring to the classroom, they need to be just as aware of the impact that the batteries operating these gadgets are having on the environment.

More than 12 billion batteries per year end up in landfill sites in North America, and out of that single-use batteries emit 170,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. While the answer to helping reduce the amount of plastic bags heading to landfills has been the reusable cloth bag, companies such as Pure Energy are producing leading edge green battery solutions to ensure that toxic heavy metals found in batteries are kept away from landfills. In fact, the technology has even garnered the industry's sole EcoLogo seal of approval, North America's most widely recognized certification for environmental leadership.

Pure Energy's rechargeable battery technology is ready to use right out of the package and hold their charge for seven-years, which is 40 times longer than regular rechargeable NiMH batteries that are used in many digital cameras. So no more settling with inferior battery performance, and imagine just how much money you'll save with not having to constantly replace single-use batteries.

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, 348 million batteries were discarded in 2004. Of these batteries, 60 per cent were thrown away, eventually ending up in landfills or incinerators and leading to potential environmental and safety risks. By using rechargeable batteries, you can help reduce battery waste and greenhouse gas emissions by over 90 per cent.

So, when your child comes to you this school year with a tech gadget wish list, make sure rechargeable batteries are at the top of the list.