Reducing Home Energy Bills Iqaluit NU

Relief from the cost of home heating fuel begins with the materials you use to build your home.

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Reducing Home Energy Bills

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(NC)-Relief from the cost of home heating fuel begins with the materials you use to build your home. Take a look at the features and fixtures considered to be the most important for lowering energy consumption, reducing air pollution, and for bringing optimum quality, beauty and comfort:

Building Envelope

The latest advancement for walls and ceilings consists of stay-in-place concrete forms. This Canadian technology by Nudura is vastly superior to construction with wood. The pre-assembled concrete units cut construction time in half and produce far less waste than the traditional wood-framing method. This system ( produces an eye-catching house that is twice as energy efficient, up to three times more sound resistant, up to four times more fire resistant, up to nine times stronger, and far less prone to cold spots, drafts, mustiness and mould. Builders are now opting for these interlocking units to construct better homes, schools, hospitals, condominiums, hotels, offices and other public buildings.

High-Performance Windows

To keep heat in during winter and out during summer, the most advanced windows have energy-efficient frames and protective coatings. The best also block damaging ultraviolet sunlight.

Tightly Sealed Ducts

Reduce maintenance and improve your indoor air quality by sealing holes and cracks in the heating and cooling duct systems. If you keep your home tightly sealed this way it will reduce moisture, dust, and drafts.

Efficient Climate Control Equipment

An energy efficient heating and cooling system properly installed will improve the overall comfort of your home and require less fuel to operate. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are designed to be quieter, reduce indoor humidity, and improve the overall comfort of the home.