Responsible Construction Ask for concrete when building your home Toronto ON

The following contains home services information you should know about building your home with concrete. Read on if you or a loved one is interested in home improvement and maintenance in Toronto.

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Responsible Construction Ask for concrete when building your home

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By J. C. Carroll

(NC)-Concrete is king today in the more eco-conscious construction world. For example, an all-Canadian building system is now delivering double the insulation by constructing walls, ceilings and floors with pre-assembled, interlocking concrete forms.

This award-winning system by Nudura Corporation creates an entire, energy-efficient building envelope. It is reported to make the job much faster with less construction waste-and unlike wood structures, the concrete forms do not propagate mould growth.

In addition to energy savings of up to 70 percent, take a look at these other benefits reported by Nudura. With this concrete system, you'll get a home that is:

• Up to 2x more energy efficient - with technology that evens out the effect of external temperature swings.

• Up to 3x more sound resistant. Its double-side EPS panels and insulated concrete core acts as an effective sound barrier.

• Up to 4x more fire resistant since the walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and foam that is manufactured with a non-toxic fire retardant.

• Up to 9x stronger because they allow nine times more axial load resistance, a superior feature in high-wind, tornado, or hurricane areas.

• Resistant to thermal bridging, where outside cold travels easily through walls to create uncomfortable cold spots, drafts, and mustiness inside the home.