Shelf-stable milk. Halifax NS

Long a staple in England, shelf-stable milk has reached to Canada. If you're looking for a way to keep your kids healthy while clearing room in your fridge, then shelf-stable milk is the milk for you.

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Shelf-stable milk.

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(NC)-By now, the novelty of a new school year and classroom setting is rapidly fading among grade school children, many of whom are already looking forward to their daily after-school routine of television, video games and peer hijinks.

For most parents, after-school chaos means scrambling to fill kids' bellies with nutritious food while keeping the multitude of indulgences in the pantry out of reach. But a new shelf item might just have parents reaching for the pantry door themselves - milk.

The creamy, white fluid so often associated with strong bone development and general wholesomeness is no longer relegated to the refrigerator or restricted to a short shelf life.

Shelf-stable milk, a long-time staple in European households, is now increasingly available on Canadian grocery shelves. Equally as delicious and nutritious as refrigerated milk and preservative-free, shelf-stable milk can be stored at room temperature in Tetra Pak cartons and be ready to serve to kids when they arrive at home.

For those a little leery of consuming non-refrigerated milk, consider that shelf-stable milk uses a process called ultra-high temperature (UHT) to sterilize the milk before packaging. The milk is briefly exposed to 140-degree temperature and subsequently goes through a rapid heating and cooling stage to prevent the milk from being contaminated. Aseptic packaging assures the milk is free of bacteria and the air-tight seal eliminates air and light exposure which would cause the milk to turn sour.

If you're not into warm milk, you can still refrigerate shelf-stable milk in advance of opening it for that cool, refreshing taste, and all shelf-stable milk should be refrigerated once opened.

Parents with kids that have an aversion to anything absent of sugar could consider a shelf-stable chocolate milk to couple with a nutritious snack. The kids will love it and still get the calcium and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

The best part: you can finally de-clutter your fridge.

- News Canada