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Astronauts must train years for any one given spaceflight, but what kind of specific training is required to work in the unique environment of space ...

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"Space" podcasts for students

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(NC)-Astronauts must train years for any one given spaceflight, but what kind of specific training is required to work in the unique environment of space and why is it so important? Have you ever wondered what ignites the drive and desire in someone that is a critical ingredient to becoming one of the few humans who can claim the title of astronaut? To answer these questions and others, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) developed a six-part series of exciting and innovative video podcasts in support of Space Shuttle mission STS-118, featuring Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Dr. Dave Williams.

The podcasts - available for download via the CSA website in both video and audio-only formats - provide a behind the scenes look into some of the training that it takes to have the "right stuff" to fly and perform complex tasks in space. From the resistance training required to minimize bone loss suffered in space, to the virtual reality and underwater training used to prepare for and fully choreograph elaborate spacewalks, these podcasts provide not only a look at what training is required, but also answers why this training is critical to a successful mission and to the well being of the astronauts.

The podcast series - the first of its kind for the CSA - also provides an unprecedented glimpse into the background of Dr. Dave, as he reflects back on his childhood and school days to provide insight as to where the drive to become an astronaut was instilled in him, allowing him to far surpass the accomplishments that some of his early teachers may have predicted for him.

The final two podcasts in the series feature footage taken on-orbit of Dr. Dave during his second space flight. After learning about Dr. Dave's early childhood inspiration that led to his fascination with science and technology, the story comes full circle, culminating with Dr. Dave performing an experiment on-orbit that was submitted by a Canadian student through the CSA's My Science in Space contest. Who knows, perhaps that young student will lead Canada to Mars and beyond in the future! www.space.gc.ca.

Credit: www.newscanada.com